How to Effectively Offer Test Drives to Customers

If you are to find success with your car dealership, you need to have a clear system in place for offering test drivers to visitors. Buying a new or used car is a massive financial and lifestyle decision, so motorists will always want to take the car for a test drive before making the decision.

test drives
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This article will offer advice so that you can be fully prepared to give visitors test drives that should help you to increase sales.

Have a Booking System

First, you should have a booking system in place so that people can arrange a test drive. It can get out of control without a booking system in place and you will not want to hand keys over to people without taking their information down. You should have an online booking system so that people can arrange to have a test drive from the comfort of their own home – these days many people use the internet to find their next vehicle but will still want to arrange a test drive before making a decision. You also need to make sure that you have part-time motor trade insurance in place for protection.

Be Prepared

You should also be prepared for each test drive and having a booking system will make this a lot easier. You can prepare for a test drive by making sure that the car is clean inside and out, that the tyres are in good condition and that all the fluids are topped up to the recommended level. You should then have the car on the forecourt ready for their arrival along with any paperwork that is needed. You can then hand them over the keys straight away so that they do not have to hang around. Some people might prefer it if a salesperson comes on the test drive with them, but most will prefer to take the car by themselves, so you should offer both options.

Follow Up

You will then want to make sure that you follow up after they return from the test drive. You should have a series of questions to ask them that will help them to arrive at whether or not this is the right vehicle for them. You should never be too pushy as a salesperson and instead, try to determine exactly what they are looking for so that you can help them to find the right car.

Every car seller needs to offer a test drive as part of the car buying process. The test drive is the key stage that will help people to decide if the car is right for them, so you want to have a clear system in place so that you can offer test drives to potential customers. The above advice should be useful and help you to keep your customers happy and increase sales.

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