How to Handle Disputes with Insurance Companies After an Accident

Car accidents are frightening, painful, expensive, and sometimes tragic. Dealing with insurance companies in the wake of an accident just compounds the stress and anxiety the accident created. When disputes arise, there seems to be no end to the uncertainty and frustration when dealing with insurance companies.

Although it may seem overwhelming, there are steps that you should take to handle insurance disputes quickly and successfully. Listed below are tips that may help you bring your dispute to a favorable conclusion.

handle insurance disputes
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Understand the Fine Print

You need to know what your policy says to settle a dispute with an insurance company. Reading the fine print may not be enjoyable, but it is necessary. There are things you should know about your policy when attempting to resolve a dispute that is listed below:

  • Review your policy to see what kind of coverage you carry and what its limits are.
  • Find out the amount of your deductible so you understand how much you are responsible for paying and how the deductible will affect the claim you are pursuing.
  • Some insurance policies have exclusions. These exclusions could mean that your coverage does not apply to specific circumstances. Knowing these exclusions will help you adjust your expectations.
  • It is crucial that you are aware of the deadlines and time limits associated with your claim so that you can provide the insurance company with any mandatory information that they may need within the correct timeframe.
  • Understanding the terms and limitations of your coverage is information you should be aware of. Have a clear understanding of the insurance coverage that your policy provides.
  • By filing an insurance claim, your insurance premiums may go up. It is important to understand how much your premiums will rise and how much you are entitled to when pursuing a claim. You can use this information to determine your next steps.

Keep your insurance card with its contact information in your car so that its number is easily accessible when it comes time to file your claim. Your insurance agent can explain to you the intricacies of your policy.

Possessing information about the specifics of your insurance policy can make the claims process fairer. Having information about your coverage will help you know what to expect.

Keep Thorough Records

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident and the insurance company is disputing your claim, you will have done yourself a favor if you documented the incident thoroughly. Some things you should do after the accident that will help with insurance disputes are as follows:

  • Gather evidence related to the incident. Photos and videos from the scene of the accident, eyewitness testimony, police reports, and any other evidence that supports your claim are important to note.
  • When speaking with your insurance agent, clearly communicate the details of the accident and keep a record of your correspondence.
  • If the insurance company requests information, such as detailed medical billing statements or estimates to repair your car, provide it promptly.
  • Seek legal counsel. If you are unable to resolve the dispute, contact a Charleston car accident attorney with Salango Law for assistance.

Understanding the ins and outs of insurance law is our specialty, and we are ready to help. Call for a consultation today.

If the outcome of the dispute is unsatisfactory, file a complaint with your state’s insurance regulatory agency. Patience and persistence are necessary when trying to bring a dispute to resolve an insurance dispute fairly. Your car accident attorney can navigate the legal aspects of your claim and can typically move things along on your behalf.

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