How to Increase Safety and Security at a Car & Bike Show

Are you hosting a car and bike show? If so, you will already know you have a lot on your plate. When organizing such a huge event, you have many responsibilities, including marketing the show, choosing the right venue, and – of course – ensuring the absolute safety of all people who attend. The latter one is particularly important. With the proper safety and security measures, everyone can enjoy the day without worrying about getting caught in a dense crowd or having their property damaged.

Want to know how to increase safety and security at a car & bike show? Below, you can find the best methods to ensure a safe, enjoyable day for everyone involved.

car and bike show
Image credit: Pexels

Install Barriers

Being able to separate crowds is vital. When you have a large number of people in one place, there is the risk of overcrowding, which can lead to people suffering from breathing difficulties. Crowd control barricades work by separating people, ensuring that everyone doesn’t end up clumped together. Plus, you can also use barriers to separate people from the displayed bikes and cars to prevent damage. It’s a simple but helpful installation that will make the day much safer and more enjoyable!

Hire Security

Hiring security guards to watch over and monitor the event is a great way to keep the event safe and secure. If something goes wrong or someone acts disorderly, the security guard will be able to quickly and efficiently handle it. Their presence will make everyone feel much more relaxed!

Have a Medical Service On-site

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere. Car & bike shows are not inherently dangerous, but still, someone might become overheated or dehydrated. Or somebody may sustain an injury. In these cases, having a medical service on-site will prove greatly helpful. At these sites, medics will be able to provide first-aid treatments and other medical services if necessary.

Provide Free Water

Outdoor events often lead to dehydration. While this usually won’t cause too many issues, it can quickly become serious if someone falls ill. Without easy access to water on a hot day, a person might faint or even have a fit. That’s why you should always provide plenty of free water at events such as bike and car shows. Not only will it mean people have access to the much-needed H2O, but the free-water stands will remind people to drink up!

Guard the Entrance

Car and bike events are for anyone who has an interest in cars and bikes. They’re also for those who are simply curious about what goes on during events like these! However, that doesn’t mean you can let just anyone through. To ensure the crowd doesn’t become too large, have a guarded entrance, only allowing those who have tickets through. You can also have a separate queue for those who want to buy tickets on the day.

Car & bike shows are great fun, providing people who love these vehicles with the chance to witness some of the rarest models (and show off their own!). With the correct safety and security measures, you make sure everyone has an exciting and stress-free time.

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