How to Make More Money as a Rideshare Driver

As a rideshare driver, you control how long you work. You decide if it’s a full-time job or you’re available part-time. As an independent contractor, you can sample the rideshare experience in as many locations and brands as legally possible.

Therefore, we want to look at how it can be more profitable for you. What tips and tricks can earn you repeat customers? Let’s get started!

How to Boost Your Earnings from Rideshare Services

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Remember that every ride you offer can boost or sink your profile as a rideshare driver as new customers check your ratings and reviews. Consequently, what you do, from the minute you engage a potential customer to when they pay and leave your car, matters.

To boost your requests and earn more,

Take on More Services from the Rideshare

If you took an auto loan to buy your rideshare car, you ought to try all ways to make monthly payments because when you default, you may lose your asset. It means even offering more services than you intended initially.

For example, if the rideshare offers a delivery service, you can enroll to make money between your driving shifts. For instance, Uber runs Uber Eats, while Lyft runs a delivery service.

Get on Rideshare Promos

For example, the rideshare can have a promo that earns you extra money for completing a specific number of trips weekly. Alternatively, the incentive could target drivers who work during rush hour, as drivers are scarce.

You may also work with a rideshare that offers incentives for maintaining a clean driving record. In such cases, they calculate how many rides you had with no incidences of unsafe driving for a set period.

Of course, these incentives come with terms you must fulfill to earn the promo, but that won’t be a problem since you’re already a great driver.

Evaluate Your Driving Behavior

Maybe, you’re earning less than you ought to because you incur more fuel and maintenance costs. Check your costs of maintaining your car and your daily expenses to see how and where you can save some money.

On top of that, maybe customers found you too aggressive or unruly and left reviews that affected your rating, and that’s why you don’t get enough ride requests. It could even be that the music you play turns off first-time clients, so they never convert to repeat customers. These scenarios prove that even as you find marketing strategies, it’s also wise to evaluate your driving behavior.

Maybe, improving something as simple as how you dress or the smell inside your ride could earn repeat customers.

Find Crowds, Sit and Wait

Instead of spending time and fuel driving around looking for spots with potential riders, find a location that can earn you some money and wait for requests.

Check the list of events happening in your area. It could be anything from a concert to a convention or sporting event. Set your GRS system to find places crowds are likely to gather. These can be spots near parks, nightclubs, and offices. It doesn’t matter whether you work during hours without crowds; as long as you’re creative, you’ll find some actions somewhere with people who need a ride.

Entertain Riders

One tactic some drivers use is installing party lights to make the ride relaxing for passengers. It earns these drivers better ratings and tips. Is it something your customers would like?

It doesn’t have to cost you a lot, as there are affordable ways to entertain your customers, such as leaving some newspapers and magazines in the seat pocket and offering an auxiliary cord for riders to listen to their phone playlists. That way, a rider has more control than when you impose what they listen to or read in your car.

Improve Your Car’s Interior

Torn car seats and flooring, dirty, broken cup holders, and a melting dashboard are nasty things no rider expects to see in a rideshare. Add odor, and you have an interior every rider is eager to leave. Of course, it’ll cost you to repair your car, especially now that you’re looking for ways to make more money. But it’s an expense you can’t ignore.

You could try getting a quick loan for car repairs. Maybe, a Lyft driver loan can cover such costs. Like in other car loans, the lender will ask you about your income and proof that it’s stable and regular.

A lender will likely not check your credit score or credit history, but this varies from one lender to the other. Don’t worry because if your credit score can’t get your loan, you may qualify for a personal installment loan if you have a steady income source.

In addition to this unsecured loan benefitting people with poor credit, it also lets you spread out the repayment over months instead of the short repayment duration of a car loan. Also, a personal installment loan lends you a higher amount.

Final Thoughts

Before you evaluate the market to see ways to earn more from your rideshare, check your driving behavior to see if it’s the reason you’re missing out on ride requests. It could be how you treat riders, the car’s interior, or the music you play.

If that’s all good and there are no customer complaints, check if your rideshare has incentives and promos that can earn you extra money. Also, find a location with crowds or events, and pick hours likely to have less competition and higher earnings.

Jasper has been an enthusiast of the automotive and IT industries since the age of 16. He independently writes on the auto industry's recent happenings.