10 Types of Buyers Who Will Fight to Have Your Junk RV Possible

The RV market is the largest and fastest-growing segment of the used RV population. So naturally, some buyers will fight over a beater for a lower price, like any property. Though it might seem easy to sell your RV for a good profit, there’s often more to it than you may think.

Junk RV Buyers Near Me

In this article, we will delve into the main types of RV buyers who will buy your junk immediately and even yell and the top of their lungs: “sell your rv here”.

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1. The Tire Kicker

This potential buyer who will fight to take your RV off your hands is the tire kicker. These people will come over to your property and seem genuinely interested in the family seller trailer.

2. The Scam Artist

These people will pull the same old tricks professional buyers use to take advantage of you. Your neighbors will call and report that they’ve been trying to get into your RV or notice that heavily armed men are breaking in and out of it every day.

3. The Flipper

These potential buyers that will fight for an RV scavenger hunt at your property are the flipper. These buyers are typically looking for the best bargain out there.

4. The Vacation Buyer

These are the type of buyers that will fight to take your junk Rv off of your hands, the vacation buyer. These people are interested in your RV’s state but aren’t looking to flip it. Some people buy used RVs to travel the country with their families or completely escape it.

5. The Flea Market Buyer

These are a type of potential buyer that will fight to have your junk RV is the flea market buyer. They’ll offer you lowball offers and even discuss the possibility of moving it to their property, but when you decline their request, they don’t seem too concerned.

6. The Business Buyer

These buyers usually look for something used for business purposes in the past. For example, they may have a large trucking company and want to buy your RV so they have a place to sleep or eat on the go, or they might be selling used firewood and need an RV that can haul it around.

7. The Flipper

They’ll find out that you have an RV for sale and immediately ask questions about how much you want for it. Please don’t assume this person is a tire kicker because they want to know what they can get for their money as soon as possible.

8. The Rehabber

These people are looking for a junk trailer and aren’t necessarily in it for resale. Instead, they’ll look at your RV and decide that they want to try to fix it up so they can use the trailer on their property, or they might be selling furniture and need an excellent Rv for storage.

9. The Cosmetic Buyer

These people aren’t interested in the condition of your RV; they want something with a good exterior. They can usually be found online searching for one of two things: a high-end model or a custom-built one.

10. The Sleepy Buyer

These people are looking for an RV that’s been abandoned and currently lies unused on a patch of grass or in a storage lot somewhere. They will want to buy it as soon as possible because they want you to wake up in the middle of the night and move it from your property to theirs, so they can begin using it again.

The Bottom Line

These groups often try to buy junk RVs from people by offering them lowball offers, which they hope would make you want them. If they can buy it at this low price and resell it later for a good profit, the highball buyer scammers will have made significant gains. Buyers who can buy your RV at a lower price after the lowball offer will get more money for their money than if they were to buy at an equal amount before the lowball.

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