Lamborghini’s First Ever Hypercar Gears Up to Conquer The Market

The recent days are witnessing a shift of limelight from Lamborghini Aventador to a newer masterpiece code-named “LB48H”. This newer focal point of all the buzz is privileged to be the first hypercar ever created by Lamborghini. As far as power toll is concerned, this beast would enjoy a stunning push of 838 horsepower. Owing to its gigantic power rating, it would be fair enough to call this beauty the most powerful Lamborghini. There have been many rumors about the price tag of the hyper car, but the most heard amount is $2.5 million.

lamborghinis first ever hypercar gears up to conquer the market

You might be thinking of a fancy kind of power house, for this hypercar, unique in all aspects as compared to the previous power houses put forth by Lamborghini. Various media sources have stated that the LB48H will use a hybrid power source, consisting of a V-12 engine and an electric motor. The well-liked V-12 engine is said to produce the major share i.e. 739 horsepower, augmented by the electric motor to the value of 838 horsepower. The value lags behind the power produced by Asterion, a concept car introduced by Lamborghini at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Anyhow, LB48H will be the first hypercar ever produced by Lamborghini, which will be something more than mere a concept.

The Lamborghini’s hypercar will add another feather to its crown by incorporating a cutting-edge structural design, dedicated to provide an incredible look together with a minimum drag at high speeds. Keeping this in mind, many media source have claimed the LB48H to have an outlook, deduced mainly from the Terzo Millennio Concept’s design, showcased back in November, 2017. Total number of units built are figured out to be 63, owing to an extremely limited market for such a costly vehicle. It would be worth mentioning that in the near past, Lamborghini was reported to arrange a private gathering for possible buyers of this “beauty and the beast”, and total produced units are just in accordance to the secured orders.

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