Maintain Your Car – An Easy-To-Go Checklist

As an automobile owner, you need to periodically maintain your car. Though this may seem insignificant at times, it ensures that your car does not develop any major problems which can accelerate its wear and tear and also be heavy on your finances. While this may sound like you need to visit your mechanic daily, this is surely not the case. With a few basic things in mind such as those provided below, you can easily ace this task:


A Visit To The Tire Shop

You can make this a compulsory check every week if your car tires do not contain an air tube. However, just giving it a look every day is also a good idea. Your car manual explains about the specified tire pressure which you must maintain. It is always a good idea to get tires checked after every 4 months to ensure there are no signs of tread wear. If left unattended, this can result in tire burst which can be very fatal if the car is on high speed.

Oil/Air Filter/Spark Plugs -Your Car’s Lifeline:

These require periodic maintenance after your car reaches a specific mileage. Engine oil if not changed on time will affect car’s fuel economy and in worst cases, may lead to engine seizure. Use engine oil which can run up to 5,000 km at least. You also need to check engine oil level regularly to ensure it is present sufficiently. The air filter and spark plugs do last around 10,000 km; however, it is not a bad idea to get them checked along with the oil change and replace if required.

Fill them Up, Battery and Radiator

You need to check in your battery water levels regularly. Always use distilled water which is available at every fuel station. Do look out for the signs in case you feel that car headlights are becoming dimmer or that your car’s ignition has to be provided more than once specially during winters because it is this time when batteries are more prone to be damaged due to temperature extremities. You also need to check water/coolant levels in the radiator. In hot weather, this practice is recommended every day. Keep a small 2 liter plastic bottle in your car’s trunk filled with water for emergency purposes. You do not want to be stranded somewhere with an over-heated car.

The Interior Matters As Well

This might become your car’s universal selling point in case you want to trade in for a new one. If not so, it can be a good feeling to drive a clean car. Do use a vacuum cleaner once a month on seats, roofs and any other part which has fabric.

Visibility To Be Maintained At All Times

In case you experience increased friction, wiper sound, it is time to get them replaced. Make sure to get these on time since it can seriously affect the vision and can be life threatening. Make sure your car’s headlights, rear and indicator lights are clean and in working condition. You don’t want to risk confusing an approaching driver of another vehicle.

It is always a good idea to have a small log book in your car’s glove box where you record in each and every detail whenever you go for your car’s regular maintenance check-up. This will help you to plan your next visit to the workshop and anticipate major replacements you require at a particular mileage.

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