Marking a New Era – Nissan Micra

At Montreal Auto Show Nissan unveiled a car to showcase its new era for especially Canada. It is believed that Nissan has combined Japanese quality, style and heritage of Europe give something beyond the level. This car exclusively makes for more fun, more driving, more attention, more comfort, more trust and the list are endless. Expecting to change the automobile landscape and value of style and power that usually people expect from an entry level car.

Made for Canadian, this car is truly and specially designed for the same market and tested a lot of times in Montreal using different driving conditions Canadian frequently face. It is a car for Canada and the thing is, Canada is also all ready for Nissan Micra.

2015 Nissan Micra

Available in three models, Nissan Micra supports a choice between 5speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic transmission as per the need and desire of the buyer. Each of this model includes 1.6-liter, 4 cylinder engine, dual fuel injection and double CVTC. It is exclusively made in Canada as this car is extensively tested for them only. With 60/40 splitting rear seats, 15/16 inch wheels, made for snow roads. More details about money and design you can contact their nearest dealer.

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