Mazda Possibly Reviving the Rotary Engine

Mazda rotary engines are primarily used to power high-end sports car. Recently, the automaker confirmed it is working on a new rotary technology, however, it is not clear whether the new technology will be used as a range-extender for an electric car or would power a sports car.

Mazda Possibly Reviving the Rotary Engine

In the past, Mazda introduced several concepts powered by rotary engines such as the ‘RX-Vision (its evolution will be showcased at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show). In 2013, the Mazda2 RE Range Extender concept was shown carrying a single-rotor 0.33-liter unit and offered a range of 111 miles.


Technically, the Mazda rotary engine would be as capable as the 660 cc two-cylinder unit and although it wouldn’t directly power the wheels, it will be used to generate electricity which will charge the car’s battery pack.

Mazda rotary engine

At the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda will celebrate 50th anniversary of its Cosmo 110S sports car – the company’s first rotary powered car. Reports indicate the automaker will also unveil a new rotary-powered car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show while the production model may arrive in 2020 to mark the company’s 100th Anniversary.

More details will be disclosed on October 25th.

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