What Are The Most Common Car Accidents That Occur?

most common car accidents
photo by: Eli Christman

Thousands of people are killed on the road every year in the UK. There are many different types of car crashes – from head on to side-impact collisions. Car accidents can impact drivers, passengers and pedestrians nearby. It’s important to educate yourself on the type of accidents that occur on our roads. You can minimise your chance of having a car accident by practising proper road safety.

If there’s an accident and it’s not your fault, then you may want to contact a solicitor for a no-win fee claim.

The most common types of collision

Side-impact from merging roads is one of the most common types of collision in the UK. The vehicles crashed into the side of one another and, in some cases, cause catastrophic damage. There is less space on the side of the car to absorb the impact of the crash and protect the passengers.

You should always check your blind spot when merging onto a road. Most drivers forget to do this, especially when travelling at high speed. Merge crashes are usually caused by those trying to merge onto the road when they do not check their blind spot. Turn your head and check behind you before entering the road.

A T bone collision is particularly common in the UK. One vehicle perpendicularly impacts the side of the second vehicle, usually when a car runs a red light. You can avoid side-impact collisions by thoroughly looking both ways for oncoming traffic. You should do this even when you have the right of way. You never know what other drivers might do.

Distracted drivers cause a lot of crashes

Distracted drivers may be on the phone, eating, drinking or chatting to others in the car. Distraction is the number one cause of car accidents in the UK. The driver may be paying more attention to chatting to the passengers than the road. Always make the road your priority when you are driving – you are responsible for the safety of everyone in the car.

Where do the most accidents occur?

The UK’s top five areas for car accidents are Birmingham, Leeds, Westminster, Lambeth and Cornwall. However, an accident could happen anywhere, so you should always proceed with caution.

Most accidents could have been avoided

Most car accidents could have been prevented if the driver had correctly judged the road. You need to pay attention to the road in front of you and what other drivers are doing. If you are in a hurry, you may fail to double-check before pulling out on the road. You should practise road safety no matter how late you are for an event.

Car accidents are extremely dangerous and can lead to fatal injuries in severe cases. Refresh your road knowledge and stay alert on the road.

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