Essential Motor Vehicle Maintenance Areas

You should know that your car needs to be maintained and kept in proper condition at all times since this does not only increase the lifespan of the vehicle but also improve upon your road safety. This can be done at the Seattle auto repair shop. Several areas can be looked at to ensure that you have taken better care of your car.

motor vehicle maintenance
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One of the most vital parts of the car as they are necessary as to how you handle and direct the vehicle. Tires are supposed to be balanced and also rotated regularly. At the same time, if you have a flat tire this can be repaired using an internal patch or tire plug. It is imperative to also look at the rim to ensure that they are not corroded in which case they will be repaired or replaced. One must also choose the properties that are suitable for prevailing weather conditions as well as if you intend to go on a short or long-distance trip. Another thing to check on is the tire pressure.

Oil Change

Every car engine needs to have a regular oil change. This is determined by how far the car has traveled or it can be determined by being set at regular date interval. The oil keeps the different engine components moving together cohesively with minimum friction. Changing the oil regularly helps to increase the engine life of a motor vehicle. If the oil is not changed, the oil will become thin leading to a build-up of sludge and an increase in friction and this will consequently cause damage to the car engine In due course.

Battery Charge

It is imperative to charge the battery of your car so that you don’t end up having a unfunctional battery which could leave you stuck at any point in time. Most batteries may not show any signs of having issues before you get a dead battery. Even batteries that have a long warranty have known to die before the warranty date. Always check the voltage of your battery and if there is a sign that it has dropped significantly this may be an indication that your battery needs to be replaced.


Brakes are very key for your safety and require to be checked on regularly. In the first place, the brake fluid should be regularly replaced, so that brake performance is not impeded. Also, take a look at brake pads as these tend to wear out over a while and therefore this needs replacement. Each time the tires are rotated, one can check the brake pads and ensure to change them if they are worn out completely. One can lookout to see if there is an increase in the distance that it takes you to stop as an indication that your brakes need servicing.

Hoses and belts

It is imperative to look at the air hoses and timing belts in your vehicle and more so if it is an older vehicle. It is vital to pay closer attention to them and look out for any signs of wearing out. A faulty timing belt may damage the engine thereby deprived you of a motor vehicle, at the same time a leak in any of the hoses may have disastrous results. One can always check on these items and always have an oil change.

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