How Car & Truck Drivers Cause Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists can get badly injured due to the neglectful actions of other drivers. Car and truck drivers often cause motorcycle crashes by failing to look out for motorcycles or not recognizing the size of a motorcycle. When you get into a horrific motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of a car or truck driver, you can get legal representation.

How do many motorcycle crashes happen

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motorcycle crashes
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Common ways that motorcyclists get hit

Traffic accidents are a frequent occurrence due to the lack of attentiveness. Motorcyclists get into accidents in the following ways:

  1. Blind Spots: One of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes with cars and trucks is drivers not seeing motorcycles in their blind spots. Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles on the road, so they can easily get lost in a driver’s blind spot. Drivers should always check their mirrors and do a head check before changing lanes or making turns to make sure no motorcycles are present.
  2. Following Too Closely: Another issue that can lead to motorcycle crashes is when car and truck drivers follow motorcycles too closely. Since motorcycles aren’t as visible on the roads, it’s easy for them to be missed if someone isn’t paying attention. If you’re driving behind a motorcycle, make sure you leave enough space between your vehicle and theirs to give yourself time to react if something unexpected happens.
  3. Left Turn Accidents: Some dangerous situations that can lead to a crash are when car and truck drivers make left turns directly in front of a motorcycle. Due to the size difference, it can be difficult for drivers to determine how close and fast a motorcycle is traveling. When making a left turn, take extra caution when looking both ways, and always give motorcycles plenty of room as they’re passing through an intersection.
  4. Road Rage: Road rage is another factor that can contribute to motorcycle crashes with cars and trucks. Drivers who are aggressive or get easily angered by other drivers on the road pose an even greater risk to motorcyclists. If you notice someone driving erratically or aggressively, slow down, give them plenty of space, and move away from them to avoid any potential conflict or crash.
  5. Illegal Lane Change Maneuvers: When car and truck drivers attempt to make illegal lane changes they can put motorcyclists at risk of being involved in a crash. Always check your blind spot before switching lanes, use your indicator, and take extra caution when you see a motorcycle nearby.
  6. Speeding: Reckless behaviors that car and truck drivers can engage in on the road include speeding. It increases their chances of crashing into any vehicle, including motorcycles, as they won’t have enough time to react or stop if something unexpected happens. Always obey speed limits and drive defensively to ensure everyone’s safety on the road.
  7. Ignoring Traffic Devices: Another major cause of motorcycle crashes with cars and trucks is drivers ignoring traffic devices. All drivers should pay attention to stop signs, yield signs, lights, and other traffic control devices in order to minimize the risk of a crash.

Type of injuries you can get in a motorcycle accident

In a motorcycle accident, the injuries vary greatly depending on the speed and type of crash. Common injuries include broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injury, internal organ damage, road rash, cuts, and bruises. In more serious cases, drivers can suffer paralysis or even death. Wear proper safety gear such as a helmet and protective clothing to help reduce the risk of serious injury in a motorcycle accident.

By being aware of these common causes of motorcycle crashes with cars and trucks, drivers can help keep themselves and other motorcyclists safe while on the road. Always be mindful when sharing the roads with motorcycles by looking twice before you turn or change lanes and giving them plenty of space when passing through intersections and roundabouts. By practicing these safety tips, we can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable ride.

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