New Cars with Cd Players – 2023 And Used Models Revealed

The gentle whir of a CD in motion, the pleasing snap upon its insertion – these used to be the auditory symbols of each journey on the road. However, with the rapid advancement of in-car technology, the previously omnipresent CD player is gradually receding into obscurity. To be frank, locating new cars with CD players has become quite a challenge in current times.

Do New Vehicles Truly Have CD Players?

Most recent automobiles no longer include CD players as part of their standard tech features, with numerous drivers shifting to digital formats. Consequently, the demand for new cars with CD players has declined significantly, making their inclusion inefficient.

A few manufacturers retain built-in CD players in the present year, mainly continuing from earlier editions without substantial modifications.

Outlined below are six well-liked car models that meet these criteria (in their 2023 variants):

New Cars with CD Players

This post reveals all the new and old vehicles offering CD players as their standard equipment.

1. Subaru Outback Touring (SUV)

Subaru Outback Touring

Subaru provides a pair of versions for their Outback Touring: the Touring and the Touring XT. Interestingly, both of these variants come equipped with CD players. However, it’s worth noting that only the Touring retains the CD player feature among the Outback trims. This unique attribute might spark curiosity about its future longevity. Therefore, considering the 2023 model could be a wise choice if having a CD player is a priority for you.

2. Subaru Legacy Touring XT (Mid-Size Sedan)

Subaru Legacy Touring XT

Similar situation regarding the Subaru Legacy. Its Touring variant solely features a regular CD player. Just the Touring XT exists as the lone option.

3. Nissan Maxima SV (Sedan/Sports Car)

Nissan Maxima SV

As of the present time, the well-liked Nissan Maxima retains its traditional feature – an integrated CD player within its audio setup, exclusively found on the SV trim.

However, the more advanced trims, such as Nissan Maxima SR and Nissan Maxima Platinum, have omitted the CD player.
This exclusion extends to all sedan models within the Nissan lineup.

4. Lexus LC 500

Lexus LC 500

Lexus persisted as the final exception when considering CD players across their complete range, retaining them as standard in many of their top-selling cars until their 2022 models. However, akin to fellow automakers, Lexus has been swiftly removing CD players from their lineup in 2023.

While the 2023 iteration of the well-liked LC 500 retains this feature, previews indicate its absence in the revamped 2024 model. Thus, those desiring an LC 500 equipped with a CD slot should make their move promptly.

5. Subaru Forester and Crosstrek

Subaru Forester

The Subaru’s Forester and Crosstrek models cater to various music tastes: accommodating Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and retaining the beloved CD player. Opting for the Crosstrek Limited trim presents the opportunity to enjoy cherished CDs via the high-quality Harman Kardon audio setup boasting eight speakers.

Is it feasible to install a CD player in a newer vehicle?

Certainly, the addition of a CD player to your recent car is viable, contingent on the specific model. Multiple avenues exist to facilitate this. In cases where the automaker allows for CD player inclusion, it can be integrated during the manufacturing process. Verifying this option necessitates consultation with the dealership.

Alternatively, integration of an aftermarket CD player is also possible. Incorporating a head unit with CD functionality might incur extra costs due to their waning popularity. Furthermore, installing older-style head units can pose challenges. If self-installation appears daunting, enlisting a professional in automotive electronics could be the more prudent choice.

What Are Some Alternatives to Car CD Players?

Suggesting a CD player for your new vehicle proves challenging. Modern technology encourages us to embrace fresh conveniences. Still, there are alternatives worth considering based on your preferences.

1. Purchase A Secondhand Car

Maybe purchasing new cars with CD players isn’t necessary. Have you thought about the advantages of possessing a used car with a factory-installed CD player?

Notably, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto made their debut in 2014 and 2015; however, these features weren’t commonly integrated into vehicles until around the 2017 model lineup. Discovering a pre-owned car from only a couple of years back, equipped with the previous tech you’re fond of, is entirely feasible. Simply ensure you give it a test before finalizing the purchase.

2021/2022 Models Offering CD Players

Toyota cars with CD players

  • The Toyota Sienna proves to be an excellent choice for families, offering ample space and allowing you to enjoy your CD collection conveniently.
  • Equally, the Toyota Highlander provides the option for a CD player and boasts 4-wheel drive capabilities.
  • It’s worth noting that not every Camry trim is equipped with a CD player; hence consulting your dealership is advisable to determine its presence.
  • Opting for the Prius is a smart move, particularly for hybrid enthusiasts, and the inclusion of CD players can still be found.

Honda cars with CD players

  • Interestingly, the Honda Crosstour, Odyssey, and HR-V also accommodate CD players seamlessly!
  • The Odyssey offers 5 trims, yet not every variant includes a CD player. Prior to your purchase, verify the CD player availability at the dealership.
  • Opt for a Crosstour if you desire a 6-disc CD player; these have been out of production since 2015, necessitating the purchase of a pre-owned unit.
  • Incorporating a CD player, the HR-V serves as a subcompact SUV.

Nissan cars with CD Players

  • CD players are also featured in the Nissan Rogue Sport, Frontier, 370Z, and Juke models.
  • Even the 2020 Rogue Sport retains a CD player, catering to subcompact SUV enthusiasts.
  • For aficionados of energetic cars, the latest 370Z can accommodate a CD player installation, adding appeal to the driving experience.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a CD player in the Juke, coupled with its exceptional turbocharged engine, making it a prime choice for turbocharged SUV enthusiasts.

Ford cars with CD players

  • Look to the Ford Mustang, Fusion, Taurus, and Fiesta ST, as they all offer the option of including CD players.

2. Transfer Your Music to a Digital Device

Although unfamiliar, this process will simplify your life. Duplicate CD files onto your computer, then transfer to your phone or a USB drive for car playback.

Link your smartphone to the car via Bluetooth, Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay; enjoy your music seamlessly, akin to CD playback, but with improved track-switching.

3. Enroll in a Streaming Platform

By subscribing to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Prime Music, you unlock the ability to enjoy any song without the need to possess physical CDs. It’s akin to having a personal music collection instantly accessible.

An added advantage of this choice is the broader scope it offers. These streaming services provide more than just music; you can also tune into news updates or engage with various podcasts.

4. Connect A USB CD Player

You can find CD players for cars that come after the initial purchase and have an additional USB port. It could be an alternative if you’re really eager to play your CDs. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, the option of putting in a new central unit is available, but this choice is more convenient and temporary. However, remember to review the user feedback on the devices before making a purchase. Opting for something inexpensive and of lesser quality might result in an unintended battery drain. It might also result in below-average audio performance.

New Cars With CD Players – FAQs

Which year saw the discontinuation of CD players being integrated into car systems?

The trend of integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto gained prominence in vehicles approximately from 2017 onwards. Following this, car manufacturers opted to make this advanced connectivity a standard feature, phasing out new cars with CD players. Nevertheless, certain car models do retain the choice of including a CD player.

What are the alternatives for playing CDs in modern vehicles without CD players?

You have the option of transferring music to your smartphone or a USB drive and streaming it using Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto. Another choice is obtaining a USB-connectable CD player, or you can upgrade the head unit to a compatible model.

What are my alternatives for playing audiobooks in my car if it lacks a CD player?

If the audiobooks come on CDs, you could move the content onto a USB drive or your smartphone. Additionally, you have the choice to access them via online platforms for streaming through your mobile device, like the service provided by Audible.

Is it still possible to purchase CD players?

If the audiobooks come on CDs, you could move the content onto a USB drive or your smartphone. Additionally, you have the choice to access them via online platforms for streaming through your mobile device, like the service provided by Audible.

Final Words

Staying updated with emerging tech while embracing shifts can pose challenges. The decline of CD players caused distress for numerous motorists. Nevertheless, relishing beloved content remains feasible through cutting-edge choices. Contemporary tech might even augment your delight, revealing an expanded realm of accessible content.

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