The All-New Sportage Version is Going to Break All The Existing Records of Kia

Excellent fifth-generation Sportage debut
Inspired by nature but rooted in tech
Cutting-edge interior
The brand new Electric Control Suspension, Terrain mode, and E-handling
A dedicated European version is on the cards.

new kia sportage

July 6, 2021 – Fifth-generation KIA depicts a true urban SUV style thanks to the elegant crafting.

KIA believes in reinvention since the inception of the brand. All-new Sportage seconds this claim by bringing innovation to the next generation.

It is just today when All-new Sportage released the exclusive but global pictures. The European version of the pictures will be released by September.

The new architecture is driver-centric with an excellent interior extending the integrated curved display. The interior also houses tech connectivity.

All-new KIA Sportage is spacious, having befitting space for legroom and headroom. Luggage-capacity is also family-friendly.

The massive and active high-tech systems ensure safety thanks to the time-tested Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Nevertheless, this is not the end, KIA uses a mix of different technologies to remain ahead of its competitors. The E-handling system and Electric Control Suspension are some to name a few.

Now, the user can enjoy the optimal riding capacities amid sand, mud, and snow because of the ‘Terrain Mode’. It is truly adventurous.

Amazingly, despite having all the powerful technologies, KIA’s All-new Sportage is still emission economical. It spends frugally into the bulk of carbon footprints. This efficiency does not compromise on the energetic and sporty ride in any way.

All-new Sportage is also the KIA vehicle available with short and long-wheelbase variants ensuring the fifth-generation family needs.

Senior Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division at KIA sums up the launch in these inspiring words, “All-new Sportage is an inspiration, be it the stellar interior, next-generation technology, responsive powertrains, optimal drive, or engineering breakthroughs – All-new Sportage is indeed an urban darling.”

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