Nissan Leaf e+ debuts at CES 2019

Nissan today launched the Nissan LEAF e+, further expanding the intrigue of the world’s top of the line electric car by offering another powertrain with extra power and range. The long-run variant of Nissan Leaf that the organization has been promising since 2017 has at last touched base with an “e+” added to its name and 122km added to its range.

The “e+” refers to the expanded vitality thickness of the model’s 62 kWh battery pack and the higher yield of its powertrain. The new powertrain adds to the vehicle’s range by around 40 percent, with EPA of up to 226 miles, guaranteeing that there’s a Nissan LEAF to meet the driving needs of a more extensive scope of clients.

nissan leaf e+ debuts at ces 2019

Nissan Intelligent Power has increased range and performance. The high-limit battery and more dominant engine in the LEAF e+ join to deliver 160 kilowatts of intensity and 340 Nm of torque. On account of a new 70 kW (100 kW crest) Quick Charging framework, the 2019 Nissan LEAF e+ can charge more effectively than ever. Based on early testing, Nissan LEAF e+ owners can expect comparable energizing when snared to a 100-kW charger as present Nissan LEAF owners do with a 50-kW charger, regardless of a 55% bigger battery storage.

The new Nissan LEAF joins drivers, vehicles, and networks through its advantageous realistic based Human Machine Interface. It enables the users to utilize the Nissan Connect cell phone application to perform assignments, for example, observing the vehicle’s condition of charge, planning to charge to profit by ideal vitality duties, finding the closest charging station and warming or cooling the vehicle before getting in.

Pricing of the Nissan LEAF e+ in Japan begins at ¥4,162,320. Other local evaluating will be reported nearer to on special dates.

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