Nissan LEAF EVs the First Use in Police Force of Portugal

The use of Nissan LEAF EVs in the police department is a big effort by Portugal government, this department has extra need of care to manage and control over the crime so Portugal government first time delivered the small electric Nissan LEAF vehicles with the changing of blue color lines. The eight Nissan LEAF police cars are using in the urban areas of Portugal by PSP (Policia de Seguranca Publica) for the better security of big cities. The Nissan LEAF EVs are participating with blue lines, sirens and Plicia markings.

This police force is the single force in the World that is using the zero-emission technology cars for the safety of big cities, these cars are using to save the atmosphere from pollution. Portugal is the first country in the World that installs the network of EV chargers in the big cities. According to views of PSP and Nissan Administration the use of Nissan LEAF EVs will be increased in the World to save it from pollution.

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