Personalization and Transfer of Number Plates

Personalized number plates:

Some of the vehicle number plate display may seem as they are conveying something or are displaying some message. These number plates which are conveying a message intentionally or unintentionally, is termed as personalized number plates. The number plates may resemble some words or names or even birth dates. Personalizing a number plate requires owner’s imagination and his skills, and possibility of getting it approved is depended on UK government’s rigid rules and regulations of number plates.

Personalized Number Plates in the UK

Getting personalized number plates:

According to UK government law, the number plate assigned during the purchase of the vehicle can be changed and personalized. It is not necessary to keep the same number that is allocated to a vehicle at the time of purchase. If the user wishes to change the number plate, he has to just search for new number and then approach to a specialist company who takes care of the formalities and paper work. If one’s vehicle having its number plate is appealing to someone else, then it is allowed to sell that number and have a new number issued to replace the present ones.

Some official process has to be done in order to replace a new number plate with the old ones. The process of buying and selling registered numbers is not difficult, but at the same time it is not that much easy too like swapping up of plastic number plates with each other. All the legal process must be done completely in order to get the required number plate in the assistance of a specialist company that look after these processes. It is necessary that the vehicle to which the number plate is transferred is having its current road tax and MOT records.

Even though the vehicle is not having its tax records or it is not an insured vehicle the number plates can be purchased or transferred. This can be achieved using Retention Certificate. The entitlement to display the number is vested in this certificate and can be transferred to a particular vehicle. The certificate can be renewed and its validity is for 12 months.

Steps involved during transfer of vehicle number plate:

  • Pick up a V317 form from DVLA office.

  • Be sure that both the vehicles are fully licensed and have current MOT certificate.

  • After that, attach V5 or V5C log books for both vehicles along with recent MOT certificates and a photocopy of the tax discs.

  • Validations of your documents are done by DVLA officers and application is processed.

  • Remember your vehicle number plate will be transferred and changed, but vehicle will remain the same.

  • If you are transferring a number using retention certificate, you have to ask for form V778/1 for transferring the personalized number plates.

Displaying the number plate:

Vehicle registration numbers are displayed on acrylic plastic plates in UK. The size, color and reflectivity of plates should meet the regulation specs and format should be according to UK government law.

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