Porsche hybrid 919 is ready to compete in upcoming races

In Atlanta a huge grand international motor show is organized in Geneva, where Porsche 919 hybrid will be celebrating the world premiere for 2014 top class WEC i.e. world endurance championship. In all 8 races of WEC and Geneva exhibition Porsche hybrid will join as well. However, the championship and exhibition highlights will be flashed at Le Mans in 24 hours. Moreover, at Geneva international grand motor show 911 Targa will be making its European first appearance.

About Porsche 911 hybrid vehicle:-

The chairman of Porsche Mr. Matthias Muller said that 911 hybrid car is regarded as the fastest automobile which is well researched and it is awarded to the company as the best Porsche car ever built in the history. This car has the energy and efficiency to win the championship and it will prove at the venue that it is one of the best manufactured cars of Porsche till now.  The overall concept of the vehicle defines the efficiency of the hybrid 919 because it consists engine of 4 cylinder gasoline which is very lightweight and compact in physical appearance. The top most speed of the engine is 9000 RPM. However, the output which is achieved at maximum level is 500hp.

new Porsche 919 Hybrid

Moreover, the new skilled team of Porsche i.e. approx 200 employees has been united to build up as well as apply the development centre in Weissach region. The head of LMP1 Mr. Freidrich Enzinger said that within 2 and half years the total strength of management team has built the reputation as well as infrastructure. The team assembled the best potential and developed a car which is highly complex to race on its powerful wheels. The main objective of the Porsche team is to finish the upcoming races properly and stand first in competitive field.

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