How You Could be Putting Your Life at Risk on the Road

Many drivers don’t realize it, but they are putting their lives at risk on the road every day. It’s so easy to make mistakes when driving that can end in disaster – and sometimes, people aren’t so lucky. You don’t think it’s going to happen to you until it does. Read on to find out how you could be putting your life at risk on the road.

Your Life at Risk on the Road

your life at risk on the road
Image credit: Pxhere

Using Your Phone

We’ve all had the ‘don’t use your phone while driving’ spiel, and yet people still don’t pay attention to it. Studies have shown that texting is as bad as drink driving when you compare it to stats. However, this doesn’t just apply to texting. It applies to taking hands-free calls, changing your music via the aux cable, and even becoming too reliant on a sat nav. Notifications can pop up and distract you while glancing at the next turn in to take! Doing anything with your phone at all increases your chances of a collision, as your attention is not fully on the road. Put your phone in your glove box wherever possible to remove temptation.

Not Wearing Your Seatbelt

Your seatbelt is there for a reason. You may think that it’s pointless putting it on for a short journey, but anything can happen. Your seat belt could literally help to keep you in the car and stop you from going through the glass to the road.


Speeding is easy. We’re driving along, foot on the accelerator, and before you know it we’re going double the speed limit without a care in the world. Until we hit something. Being mindful of the speed of the area you’re in is so important. Chances are, speed limits have been put in place there because accidents happened, or because there’s a high chance they will. For instance, speeding near a school or through a street where loads of cars park. Always be mindful of your speed.

Country Roads

Driving on country roads actually puts you at risk of a car wreck that is 10x higher than on motorways. They twist and they turn, and they can throw people off who aren’t paying enough attention. Make sure you drive at a reasonable speed and watch out for other cars, pedestrians, horses, and forks in the road.


Being a mindful and cautious driver is important, but panicking while you’re driving will only make things worse. Getting flustered should be avoided at all costs. If you take a wrong turn, don’t worry about it. Simply pull in somewhere and get back on the right track. Signs point you to where you need to be most of the time, so you don’t have to rely on a sat nav. If you have kids in the car, make sure they are strapped in properly and they know not to mess with their seatbelts. If your toddler does manage to escape, stay calm and pull over where possible. Do not speed to pull over, as your child may fall and hurt themselves!

Staying calm is the key.