4 Great Places to Put Your Range Rover to the Test

You didn’t buy a Range Rover just to look cool when taking the kids to school. You’re in it for the fun and adrenaline of off-roading in which you put your Range Rover and your driving skills to the ultimate test. If you’re new to off road driving, you might want to look at getting some training first – you’ll definitely need those advanced driving skills! And, even though your Range Rover is made for this kind of rough terrain, you might want to look at getting a Range Rover extended warranty since you’ll be making it work hard.

range rover off road driving
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Are you wondering which iconic trails you should tackle? With the USA loving this form of Motorsport, there’s bound to be one near you, but if you want to experience the most famous 4×4 trails, you may need to plan a holiday around it. Here’s where you want to be to get your slice of the action.

1. Moab: Prehistoric Landscapes

Head for Utah to discover one of the USA’s best-known and most-loved 4×4 trail experiences. The incredible landscape is worthy of attention, but you’ll have your hands full navigating the rocky trails. There are several very worthwhile and challenging trails to explore here, and you can get local guides to back you up. Choose between easy beginners’ routes or test your mettle on something considerably more challenging. Adventure is assured!

2. Dalton Highway

If you want an adventure that’s more than just a series of day trips, you may be ready for Alaska’s Dalton Highway. It’s a rocky route stretching 414 miles through the wilderness. And we mean “wilderness.” Pack in extra fuel and supplies and expect to go through some tires. You’ll definitely need to be able to take care of yourself on this rugged road: it’s 70 miles from its start to Fairbanks, and that’s as close as civilization gets. Don’t try this one without some intense preparation and a backup plan.

3. El Camino Del Diablo

The Devil’s Highway” in Arizona passes through some spectacular scenery and isn’t as much of a “devil” these days as its name may lead you to believe. Nevertheless, you won’t make it in an ordinary sedan, so it’s definitely a good place to give your Range Rover a chance to show its stuff. Do set out well-provisioned, but don’t worry too much about getting stranded in the desert: it’s an area watched over by the Border Patrol, and while not exactly busy, help is at hand if you run into any difficulties. You shouldn’t, however. The road, while basic, is easy enough to drive even if you don’t have any special 4x4ing skills.

4. Rubicon Trail, California

Looking for something really advanced? Then it’s time you crossed the Rubicon. The trail is only 22 miles long, but it packs in some extreme terrain and will test you and your vehicle to the limit. In fact, it’s worth checking out info from the Rubicon Trail Foundation before you decide to take the plunge. You may have to make some special adaptations to your vehicle and get a few extra accessories. Even then, the foundation warns you to expect sheet-metal damage as a matter of course. This is not a drive to take the kids along on, and accidents do happen here, so don’t try to go it alone or without some pretty intensive preparation.

So Many Adventures!

The USA is still a place of wide open spaces and adventurous routes across remarkable terrain. There are many more places you can visit, and many more roads to drive, so get inspired and then get offroad. It’s one of the best countries in the world to do so!

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