10 Important Precautions to Take Before You Rent a Car at the Airport

Planning to rent a car at the airport for your upcoming trip? Before you take off, it’s essential to consider ten key precautions to ensure your road trip gets off on the right track.

Booking a rental car for your trip makes your overall travel experience better in most cases. Still, there are several important steps to take, from knowing the terms and conditions of your rental agreement to being aware of all the costs involved.

Rent a Car at the Airport

Rent a Car at the Airport
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By following these precautions, you can avoid common risks associated with airport rental cars, such as theft, accident, and fraud. By taking preventive measures before your rental, you can minimize the chances of any headaches or problems during your trip.

1. Research and Compare Car Rental Companies and Prices

Before renting a car, it is essential to do your research. Compare prices between different companies, read customer reviews, and investigate the extra fees associated with each company, such as additional insurance and drop-off fees. Knowing all the details ahead of time will help you find the best deal and make sure your car rental experience goes smoothly.

2. Check for Extra Fees and Restrictions

Look out for any additional fees or restrictions on the car rental agreement. Standard extra fees include late return fees, underage driver fees if you are under 25, insurance costs for cars with higher value, and drop-off charges to take the car from the airport. Also, check whether destination restrictions apply – some companies may only allow you to drive their cars within some areas of a state or country.

3. Pay Upfront

Make sure to pay for the rental car up-front when booking a reservation. This way, you don’t risk any surprises or additional fees once you arrive at the rental car location. Taking care of your payment ahead of time will also save you time since all that will be left to do is pick up the keys to your car.

For instance, you can end your car rental nightmares when traveling to Albania by opting for a car rental at Tirana airport.

4. Select the Right Size Car for Your Needs

Before renting a car, it is essential to consider your needs and determine which car will work best for you. How much luggage do you have when you travel? Do multiple passengers need additional legroom? Will you be transporting people or items? For example, an SUV or minivan is better if traveling with larger families or lots of baggage. Choosing the right size car can save you money in fuel costs as bigger cars require more petrol.

5. Select the Pick-up and Drop-off Times Carefully

It’s essential to select pick-up and drop-off times that work with your flight schedule and other travel plans. Allow yourself enough time to get to the rental car desk before they close and return the car in time, so you don’t have to pay late return fees.

Additionally, ensure that you avoid peak times at airports when booking flights and car rentals, as these tend to be more crowded and expensive.

6. Double-Check Currency Conversions When Comparing Prices

When comparing car rental prices, it’s important to double-check if the currency conversions are correct. For example, some rental companies may charge based on the US dollar, while others may use local currencies. If you’re using different online resources to compare prices, double-check each company’s conversion rate as this can make a big difference in the total cost.

7. Consider a Consolidator if You Want a Better Deal

Before booking at the rental car website, consider looking up your destination on a consolidator website. By searching online, you’ll likely find promotional discounts or coupons that will give you a better deal than what you’d get through a regular rental car search. Be sure to check out the fine print, too, so you don’t get surprise fees and hidden costs!

8. Check for Any Additional Driver Fees

Many rental car companies charge for additional drivers, so be sure to ask about this before booking. Fees can vary widely by company and location. It could add up to a lot of money if you’re traveling with a family. It’s best to check with the car rental agency directly if you plan to have multiple drivers during your rental, as policies on fees may differ based on age and other criteria.

9. Reserve Early to Get the Best Price

Early bird prices are usually discounted at airport car rentals. Many times, prices increase as the pickup dates get closer, so reserving in advance helps you avoid making a last-minute decision that could cost more. For most car rental companies, you can make your reservation online or by phone for extra convenience.

10. Thoroughly Inspect the Car Before Taking Off

Before you leave the lot, take a few minutes to make sure that everything is in order with your rental car. Start by checking the exterior for any dents. Inspect the interior for any damage, dirt, or messes from previous renters. Ensure all the essential functions are working properly, such as brakes, lights, and wipers. Don’t forget to document any issues you discover with a picture before heading out!


Renting a car at the airport is a hassle-free and convenient way to get around town. However, you need to take proper precautions to avoid getting into trouble.

Understanding the car rental terms can be helpful while the car is in your possession. A safe and enjoyable rental experience can be assured by following the guidelines.

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