Stunning Honda Vision XS-1 Is Ready For A New Launch

The creativity of the expert designer of the Honda company is clearly visible in their gorgeous new model of Honda Vision XS-1 which is waiting for its launch in the near future. The model is based on the highly sleek and simple yet effective design of the car model. The research of Honda expert on the M/M model is well utilized in this version along with a fusion of the sporty look in the casual city drive, giving more and more space and unique look in the same way as any fiction story would have done. The compact body of the Honda Vision XS-1 frames the “Exciting H Design” concept developed by the Honda’s Human Centered Design Norms.

Honda Vision XS-1

There is no doubt that the new Honda Vision XS-1 model is highly stunning and is sufficient to make an appealing market place in the Global Automotive Market. The company officials revealed that there is no mass production of this model yet, and neither did any come from it. The first and only showcased of this amazing car model has been given in India, which is considered as the rising market for the future cars by the experts of the Honda Company. In fact, the Honda Company sees India as the target market for its future production with max sales of the cars in Indian Market.

Honda Vision XS-1

The clever design of Honda Vision XS-1 model provides the spacious seats for 7 passengers within 3 rows of continuous seating, all packed within its small compact body. This gives the realization of the versatility of the model along with its flexibility and power performance. The side door has the large, thus, making entrance for all 3 rows at the same time. In short, the model is highly gorgeous and is ready to be launched in the market. However, there is no such announcement yet from the company.

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