How To Help Your Teen Be A Better Driver

It can be very scary when your children start learning how to drive and head out onto the roads. You worry so much about your kids and the thought of them driving a piece of heavy machinery can be a very daunting prospect. But here are some steps that you can take as a parent to help your teen be a better driver so you can sleep better at night.

Teen Be A Better Driver

teen be a better driver
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Take them for an eye test

Before your teen even starts to learn to drive you should take them for an eye test (because they are not going to take the initiative to book in themselves) and see if they need prescription glasses. Good eyesight is essential for good driving, and it is not worth taking any risks because one missed hazard or misread road sign could have major consequences. You can get some really stylish glasses now and certain styles are very on-trend right now, so you should not have too much difficulty convincing your teen to wear their glasses for driving at least.

Practice, practice, practice

Give your teen extra practice at any available opportunity. Driver’s-ed programs and private driving instructors typically do not provide a reasonable amount of practice hours on the road. Whenever you get the chance, take your child out to practice and train them on the road to build up their confidence. You might want to ask their instructor which areas they have mastered and which ones they need more training in, so you know which ones to practice with them. Even just for running errands, hand the keys over and let them drive you to the grocery store and back. It is important to stay calm and be a helpful influence, if you are a particularly neurotic person and you feel you might worsen their anxiety then perhaps leave the practice to your partner.

Teach basic maintenance

Spend some time teaching your teen how to perform all the routine car maintenance tasks such as checking the air pressure in the tires, checking oil and transmission fluid, checking the water level and windshield-wiper fluid. Show them how to change a flat tire – this is an invaluable skill that could really come in handy when they are in a bind.

Make sure their car is safe

As a parent of a new driver, you should take responsibility to ensure your child’s car meets all the safety standards (until they learn more about cars and safety measures themselves.) If your teenager saves up and buys a second-hand car then make sure you take it to get fully checked out by a reputable mechanic who can identify any little faults and get them fixed before they escalate into bigger problems.

Set a good example

You are a role model for your children whether you like it or not. Remember this when you are driving. No speeding, no weaving, no texting and driving, always wear your seatbelt and try to keep the road rage at bay when your children are in the car with you.

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