Tesla All Set to Beat The Cyclone With Its Supercharger Upgrades

Tesla, an electric vehicle company is forecast to generate higher Return on Assets (28.48%) than the US Auto Manufacturers industry average (28.31%), comes to the rescue of its customers located in the areas, currently under the blanket of historic cyclone, named Hurricane Florence. Some older models will be remotely upgraded to augment the mileage, enabling the Tesla Lovers to escape from the disaster in their “vehicle of the choice”.

According to the Tesla sources, some older Model S 60s and Model S 70s will be enabled for supercharging or increased charge storage capacity. These earlier models lacked the supercharging capability at the time of launching or had a software-limited charge storage capacity. But in order to provide the customers with a safe exit, this supercharging capability has been awarded without any cost. The superchargers will let the owners charge their cars within a short span of time with enhanced effectiveness.

Tesla All Set to Beat The Cyclone With Its Supercharger Upgrades

On the other hand, the models having an extended charge storage capacity will enjoy an increased range, helping to leave the hurricane behind with lesser charging intervals. The customers will come to know about this “good news” through a message on their cars’ screen, which will surely leave them with a sense of care from their car maker. The favor will be available for the owners till some untold time in October.

The entire information cloud, relevant to this aid, is made accessible on the website of Triangle Tesla, a body owned by Tesla, but not involved in car making business. The Tesla drivers can acquire all the useful information regarding safety, superchargers network and their availability on their evacuation course. The site also advises the users to ensure the availability of mobile chargers for communication and slower speeds for effective mileages.

To sum up, Tesla has rewound the history of standing with its customers against any challenge. This help will surely boost the number of people believing in the reliability of the brand.