Tesla Model Y Will Cost 10 Percent Higher Than Model 3

Tesla has uncovered its Model Y hybrid SUV on March 14th amid an occasion at the organization’s structure studio in Los Angeles, CEO Elon Musk reported Sunday. The new electric vehicle will be Tesla’s fifth since the organization was established in 2003.

A dim mystery photograph of the Model Y demonstrates a front end reminiscent of the Model 3’s. The front lights look similar in shape with Model 3, but overall a taller car in dimensions. The new hybrid has formally been uncovered on Thursday, March 14 at 8 p.m. Pacific time.

tesla model y price

Full estimating data will be uncovered at the presentation, however, Musk on Sunday indicated that the Model Y will cost around 10 percent more than the related Model 3 because upcoming SUV will be around 10 percent greater than Tesla’s famous car. With the Model 3 beginning at $36,200, with delivery, we’re possibly taking a gander at a beginning cost of about $40,000 for the Model Y.

As he regularly does, Elon Musk took to Twitter to offer tempting however deficient data to the world. This time, it was about the Model Y hybrid, about which there has been theory yet minimal solid data. In a tweet, Musk declared that the Model Y will make its introduction on March 14 at Tesla’s LA plan studio.

Addressing inquiries from Twitter supporters, Musk additionally said the Model Y will have “typical” entryways rather than falcon wing doors, and it will seem to be like the Model 3.

Tesla will “probably” construct the Model Y at the organization’s Giga factory outside Reno, Nevada, Musk as of late stated, and the vehicle should enter volume creation in 2020. Tesla additionally, in the long run, intends to make Model Ys at the Giga factory, its structure in Shanghai, China.

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