The Art of Selling Junk Cars for Profit: Tips for California Residents

Even the most beat-up, crusty, non-running vehicles have value. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have a junk car you’re looking to unload for profit or if you have an entire fleet of them, you may be confused as to which is the best method to turn junk into cash. There are several and we’ll highlight the best ones.

Flipping your junk car for cash in California is a great way to add a bit more to your wallet. You don’t necessarily need to be a pro to do so, and with a few tips, you can get rid of that unwanted eyesore.

selling junk cars
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What’s Considered a Junk Car?

Not all junk cars are immediately apparent. When most think of a junk car, they immediately picture a decrypted, rusty wreck sitting in a driveway on cinder blocks. Despite this being a common perception, even great-looking vehicles can fall into this unkind category.

Junk cars have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Over a decade old
  • Over 100,000 miles
  • Unsafe to operate
  • Needs costly repairs
  • Has been in an accident and deemed totaled

Ways To Sell Junk Cars in California

Cars are a big thing in California and it seems as if almost every adult owns one or two. From the remoteness of rural areas where they’re necessary to get around to the horrible Los Angeles traffic, cars of all types are seen on the roads.

However, with an overabundance of vehicles in the Golden State, selling a junk car may seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, this is a misconception. Depending on its make, model, and popularity, selling a junk car in California is possible. Some methods are easier than others, and not all will pay top dollar for your wreck.

Private Sale

Sellers who have plenty of time and aren’t in dire need of immediate cash can try to sell their junk car the old-fashioned way. Posting the vehicle for sale on social media sites is a great way to generate interest, especially if your junk car is perfect for the backyard mechanic who needs the parts off of yours.

The upside of a private sale is that you can set your price and stick to it until you find the right buyer. Obviously, the downside is this could be an incredibly time-consuming process and you’ll also have to meet with random strangers.

Junk or Scrap Yard Sale

California with its wide open spaces has an enormous amount of junk and scrap yards, and both will happily purchase junk cars. The process is fairly straightforward. Simply get your junk car to one of their locations along with the title and you’ll be given a price. Businesses like these don’t care about the condition; their only concern is how much scrap metal they can remove from your junker to be resold.

This is a good option for those who want to unload a junk car or two without the need of haggling over price and meet with multiple prospective buyers. You certainly won’t get the most amount of money, but it is a simple way to turn junk into cash. It should be noted that California has special laws for the legal scrapping of automobiles.

Specialized Junk Car Dealership

The best way for a no-hassle transaction that also pays the most is to take your junk car to a California dealer that specializes in purchasing junk cars of all types. They’ll handle all of the paperwork and present you with payment either by check or cash app. Once you agree to their instant quote, that price is locked in and won’t go lower. And if your wreck isn’t running, they’ll come to you and haul it away. Specialized dealers are the easiest and most profitable way to sell your junk car. Running or not, they’ll take whatever you have.

The Art of Selling Junk Cars: Final Words

Selling a junk car can turn into a nightmare if you don’t know how or where to sell it. Looking for a private buyer could prove to be almost impossible and if you do find one, they’re sure to try and haggle and get your junk for less than it’s worth. Get an instant quote today from a specialized junk car dealer, the easiest way to turn junk into cash.

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