The BMW i3 Concept Coupe fully electric car

The technology is key of success in this global world so BMW i3 Concept Coupe is an amazing brand having the Eco-friendly, little tech-friendly exterior and interior features. It has inter-car communication system, Smartphone accessories with control system display which through driver can manage and drive easily with confidence. Its power and performance is exceptional and remarkable due to 170 horsepower electric motor slice with lithium-ion batteries inside and this system is totally topped off by a hardcore lighter with strong power than the carbon reinforced plastic passenger cell.

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It has not transmission tunnel-bound protrusions and you can easily slide from side to side and there is two displays on the dash board, the first being a 6.5-inch screen with information on the speed and power. The second display is 8.8-inches with ready to bring on the BMW i Connect Drive suite, navigation, infotainment, messages, schedules and whole system.

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