25 Years Ago, The CLK-Class Helped Mercedes-Benz Explore the Market

Back in the 1990s, Mercedes-Benz had identified emerging market trends and wanted to participate in them – especially if it was possible to do so before its competitors. Besides the compact roadster SLK-Class, the sport-utility vehicle ML-Class, and the supermini hatchback A-Class, the manufacturer presented a stylish four-seater coupé in 1997: the CLK-Class, based on a concept car shown in 1993.

mercedes benz clk
Coupé premiere in January 1997: Mercedes-Benz CLK model series (Photo credit: WheelsAge)

While the underpinnings were shared with the W202 C-Class, the front design borrowed the double headlights introduced by the W210 E-Class and the fastback was unique – it can even be considered more charming than the CL-Class’ two-door sedan design. Bruno Sacco and Peter Pfeiffer’s creation achieved an entirely new image built with several unmistakable Mercedes-Benz visual components.

Since the intention was to attract new buyers, Mercedes-Benz gave it a broad range of options: two body styles (a cabriolet was added later), three engines (with four, six, or eight cylinders), and a long list of trim options which included an AMG range-topper. As you can imagine, even the base set had an excellent equipment list: some highlights were remote boot lid opening and traction control.

The CLK’s initial generation (C208) was produced until May 2002 and reached the impressive figure of 233,367 units; that was 65% more than what its predecessor sold in nine years. The intermediate CLK 320 was the best-selling variation, with 68,778 units. In 1998, the heavily modified CLK GTR was created for racing with a mid-engine 5.9-liter V12 and had 25 units made available for personal use.

In 2002, the model reached a new generation, code named C209. It featured revolutionary style and also offered coupé and cabriolet bodies; in short, it preserved the original purpose of a comfortable counterpart to the sporty and dynamic SLK and SL roadsters while also being a smaller option than the CL coupé. In 2010, Mercedes-Benz went a different way and merged into the 207 E-Class family.

Regardless of the name or the generation, we can safely say that the CLK-Class fulfilled its purpose. It took the Mercedes-Benz image to a whole new market niche and helped the company stay up to date with the latest trends. Once again, a remarkable characteristic is having found a whole new stance while using many external design elements which were already associated with other models.

mercedes-benz clk
Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class (Photo credit: WheelsAge)

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