The Embassy suites Hotel decided to use First Nissan Leaf Limo

There are many luxury hotels in the world that uses luxury cars and vehicles for the transportation of hotels but Embassy suites Hotel is the first in the world that decided to chose the option about Nissan Leaf Limo. The luxury electric vehicle which is much impressive and innovative in looking and performance, according to the viewers the vehicle can compel you to see and appreciate it.

The Embassy suites hotel in Nashville, Tennessee had a need to shuttle guests through a luxury style in luxury vehicle so they decided to use this tremendous electric green car which has capacity of eight adults with driver to sit in the wide cabin like a luxury room. This hotel is well known in the state and its trip is less than five miles from the hotel. This car has only one battery pack; hotel added about four hundred pounds in the center of the car to make it for more seating, mirror, leather and cedar paneling with luxury limos. Many of the hotel guests are impressing to this superb luxury car because they have never even been inside and electric car like this one.

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