The New Audi RS 6 Avant High Performance

Audi presented the RS 6 Avant with the changes according to the latest technology and made it as high performance sports car. Its engine has powerful and dynamic spearhead of the model program, it is most powerful version of the model series with all wheel drive, easy and comforable drive. The most individual features in this model is its powerful engine which has RS  specific engine management and unthrottled intake system that enhance the power of eight cylinder engine automatically.

Its performance is due to 4.0 TFSI that delivers a sporty, full throated sound, switchable flaps in the exhaust system that make the sound even fuller if desired. It has twin turbo V8 engine with Audi RS 6 Avant from zero to 100km/h within 3.9 seconds, its top speed is electrically limited to 250km/h and increases to 280km/h with the Dynamic package. This model is best than the previous due to standard start-stop system, innovative thermal management and fuel consumption with the average just 9.8 liters of fuel per 100km.

Jason Peffley has spent most of his life in, around and under cars, from a childhood.