The New Volvo V40 D4 With Awesome E-Powertrain

The new Volvo V40 D4 has come up with the highly efficient Powertrain along with the awesome low CO emission that too in the high power of h 190HP. This is about 80HP more power than the other car models that are presenting the low CO emission models in the market. On the technical front, the model can be purchased in the two Powertrain option. The first one is for the Drive –E engine family along with the 245 Horsepower with turbocharged T5 Engine. The other option is for the turbo diesel D4 Engine which generates the awesome power of the 190HP. The model is powerful enough to provide the extreme drives on the smooth highways. Both the models are integrated with the amazing 8 Speed Automatic Gearbox which is capable of giving the joy of the striking drive over the smooth highways.

New Volvo V40 D4

The new D4 Turbo Engine comes with the ultimate 400 NM of the torque which is the result of the first ever i-ART technology integrated in the road cars by any automotive company of the world. The automatic notification of the tire pressure is in place of the traditional single pressure sensor in the models. The pressure injector has the intelligent chip instead of the normal pressure sensor that keeps track of the tire pressure and notifies the driver for the same. This clever combination of perfect injection pressure along with the smart i-ART Technology delivers the high quality performance of the driver of the Volvo V40 D4 which not only makes it to provide better fuel efficiency of 100km within 3.3L but also to offer the smooth drive and higher performance. As compared to this, the fuel used up in the other Volvo V40 T5 Engine model is a bit higher, giving smooth 100km drive within 5.8L which makes both the models highly optimized for optimal situations.

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