Top 5 Tips for Extending Your Vehicle’s Life

You can find multiple guides on finding the right new car for you, but there isn’t much information on maintaining your existing ride like a pro. So, here we are listing some key checks and maintenance tips that will ensure longevity to your car and make driving pleasurable.

Tips for Extending Your Vehicle’s Life
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1. The Basic Trio

Starting with the most basic components that effect drive quality and engine life directly! You should never undermine the importance of changing engine oil, oil filter and air filter well before the due time, to ensure longevity of your car’s engine. Ideally, you should change oil along with oil filter at 3,000 to 4,000-miles mark. Also, changing air filter during the same time will save you one extra visit to the oil shop, and will add a nice performance boost to your vehicle.

2. 3 Bs of Safety

The 3 Bs represent Brake, Belts and Battery. Although they may not affect the performance of your vehicle, they do have a direct impact on your safety and your vehicle’s durability. Make a habit of examining the condition of brakes and brake fluid after every 1,000 miles. If that seems tiresome, then do it on every oil change window to save a ton of time. If you feel a rattle via steering wheel or a noise upon braking, it’s time to get the brakes inspected and possibly go for a replacement. Now in the second B, you should examine the seat belts. Simply, pull the belts forcefully to check locking mechanism and that’s it.

For Battery, keep track of water levels, never let them drop. If you do not take care of it, the battery’s life may decrease by 50%. Dim lights and hiccups while starting are clear indications of a weak battery and your negligence. Make sure to at least check battery at oil change, but ideally do it every other week.

3. Be Mindful of Sudden Temperature Changes

One of the surefire ways of extending engine life is to pay special attention to its temperature. Never let it heat up especially during summers. Always use recommended coolant in radiator. The water does the cooling trick and the coolant saves water from freezing in cold along with safeguarding inners of radiator from corrosion and rust, thus preserving its structure. If your vehicle is modified and carries extra load like canopies or service bodies, then its engine demands extra care, as extra load puts extra stress. Its best to leave maintenance at hands of professionals.

4. Tires and Suspension Run the Show

Out of more than 75,000 parts that make up today’s vehicle, tires are most prominent. Sadly, they often are overlooked. For a comfortable ride, check tire pressure periodically and get your wheels aligned. Both these fixes are quick and inexpensive. It’s better to check suspension of your car sporadically, but if you experience a rather bumpy and harsh ride with audible noises on hitting bumps and pots, then make sure to get them checked and lubricated. For semi-industrial and industrial load bearing vehicles, make sure to install lightweight, well designed quality aftermarket parts.

5. Looking after Your Second Home, the Interior

The interior of the car should be kept clean. Isn’t it the place you spend most of your time in? Cleaning the interior and looking after electronic components ensure that sensors and plugs are in working condition. The electrical system is the first line of defense against parts failure.

Other Components

Apart from the above-mentioned checks for extending your vehicle’s life, here are some other components that need regular checkup for a hassle-free ride:

  • Air Conditioning: The air-conditioning unit comes on top of your vehicle maintenance, as it makes your vehicle comfortable during summers.
  • Vipers and lights: Regularly inspecting and replacing them if found faulty will make sure your vehicle remains at top of its game. Never wait for multiple light fuses to schedule a visit to electrician; get lights replaced at their earliest. Repairing and even replacing them won’t cost you much, but will save you from a lot of trouble.
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