Tips for First-time Motorbike Owners

Nothing compares to the satisfaction and exhilaration you get from driving a motorbike across roads and going from one destination to another. During the warm weather season, riding a motorbike can surely be fun, whether you intend to do it for casual commutes or heart-racing adventures. Riding a motorcycle, however, is much trickier than riding a car as it requires more control and precision in terms of maneuvering.

If you recently purchased your first motorbike, you are likely brimming with excitement to get a ride on it. Before anything else, however, you will need to prepare a few things to get started. Aside from the legal paperwork such as a license and insurance, you will also need to find the right gear, as well as find a parts company like Teknik Motorsport for spare parts.

Below, you will find some tips to help you get started with your motorbike. Keep following your passion and surround yourself around bikers and make your walls attractive with Bike wall Art to keep your passion alive. But your safety should be your priority so always keep in mind the two most important things to remember while on the road: fun and safety.

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Wear the Right Gear

You always want to make sure you wear protective gear before hopping on to your motorbike. As careful as you may be, you never really know what may happen once you get on the road. Falling can easily lead to painful road rashes, so to prevent you from getting these, invest in a good jacket, helmet, and pair of boots. Do not wear denim since it will easily shred if you fall and will thus not protect you.

Ride Defensively

Even though you may be used to driving a car, you should still ride more defensively. It is a completely different experience when on your motorbike since people are less likely to see you, so you have to be more cautious than ever. Pay attention to road signs, stay on the right lane, and keep your eyes on the road at all times. Be wary of potential traffic dangers ahead of you, so you can take proper action to avoid them.

Find a Spare Parts Company

Though a brand new motorbike likely has fully functional parts, it will help to find a company like Teknik Motorsport, so you know where to look if you need spare parts in the future. Replacing your motorbike parts from time to time will ensure that you can continue to use your vehicle for a long time. Typically, the parts that often need to be replaced are the brake pads, chain, belt, battery, and such.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Make it a habit to inspect your vehicle before and after every ride to ensure that all its parts are still in good condition. If your motorbike is chain-driven, you will need to check the chain regularly to see that it is moving freely, has no cracks or damages, and adjusted without being too tight or loose. Chains can get dirty as you frequently ride, so you will need to clean it from time to time to prevent it from getting stiff.

If you notice fluids leaking out, bring your motorbike to a repair shop immediately. A parts problem could cause this, so you may need to replace the fork or another part. Likewise, check your vehicle’s tire pressure to ensure it is not overinflated or underinflated. Finally, do not forget to load enough fuel for your trip. The last thing you want is to run out halfway through your ride.

As a first-time motorbike owner, you may be overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with the vehicle. However, all it takes is some familiarising. After some time, you will fall into a routine and get used to riding with gear, maneuvering the vehicle, and performing routine maintenance.

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