Top American Cars in the Last Decade

The American cars listed below have been popular in the UK for various reasons. These may include a range of abilities, handling what is asked of them, being inexpensive to run, good construction, among others. Many of the most popular car models in the UK by American brands over the past decade have been manufactured by Ford.

Here are a few of the top choices in the UK.

The Ford Focus has been a popular choice as has the second generation of the model, which introduced significant improvements. The Mk2 Focus is a sleeker version and better to drive compared to the original Ford Focus. It is also more reliable and more refined than its predecessor. The Ford Focus has been a best seller in the UK many times over; maybe because there has been huge numbers of them available with various engine options, trim, and body style options. (Ready to sell your ford? The Car Buying Group are here to help).

Ford Focus

Another Ford vehicle seen everywhere on UK roads is the Ka. When it was originally launched it had a major eye catching design. It has been and remains a great buy for a vehicle, offering masses for the money. Older examples of the model often have basic equipment levels, but the newer models are well-equipped, offering everything a driver needs.

Ford Fiesta

Yet another popular Ford in the UK is the Fiesta, a favourite super-mini in recent years. There are plenty of good reasons for this including a good to drive vehicle that is plentiful and reliable. Most buyers of a good Ford Fiesta have loved every minute of ownership. In fact, more cars bearing the Ford Fiesta name have been sold in the UK than any other model. The current model began selling in 2008, getting a bit of a facelift in late 2013. This is an American vehicle that has dominated the best-seller chart more than any other car in the UK. The Fiesta is handsome outside and inside; it is well built and quite comfortable.

Fiesta ST

However, it is how the car drives that really sets it apart from other similar vehicles. The driving experience is quite fun and feels similar to some so-called sports vehicles. The Ford Fiesta also has a five-star crash test rating, meaning it is quite safe. The most economical Fiesta models can top 85mpg and have a free road tax because they emit such a small amount of CO2. At the opposite end of the most economical models is the Fiesta ST, which is a favourite hot hatchback. With such a wide range of choice, it is no wonder this vehicle has been so popular in the UK.

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