5 Top Luxury Car Brands That Are Topping the Charts in 2020

Has it always been your dream to own a luxury car? Here are some of the best luxury car brands to own based on 2020’s ratings.

In 2018 a vintage Ferrari sold for $48 million. It’s the most expensive car of all time. However, you don’t need millions to have your own luxury vehicle.

All you need is this list of the top luxury car brands. These are companies that make high-end cars that rank at the top of their classes for 2020.

Top Luxury Car Brands in the World

Use this list of the top five luxury car brands to help you start your new car search.

top luxury car brands
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1. BMW

Buyers have long considered BMW cars as luxury thanks to their high-quality build and pleasing aesthetics. Plus, the cars are designed with the driver in mind, making them a pleasure to get behind the wheel of.

The 5 Series from BMW is making some major waves in 2020. It’s scoring top marks for having everything that you could want in a sedan. Then there’s the X2 that has a sporty feel, an optional high powered version, and standard safety features included.

2. Audi

There was a time when Audi was considered the sinkhole of the auto world. These days it’s regarded as one of the top-ranking brands in reliability. You’ll find a car in all sizes and classes from subcompact to large SUV.

A standout in the lineup is the Audi TT. It delivers impressive performance while having a respectable fuel economy rating. Its classic design is sure to stand the test of time.

3. Mercedes

Mercedes is a luxury car brand that crafts vehicles to exude elegance and professionalism. They are ideal for the car owner looking to establish an image of business success. But they aren’t all about looks; their reliability makes them a smart investment.

Thanks to their built quality, you’ll find that your Mercedes is affordable to maintain with few defective parts or breakdowns. Look at the GLE Class for a crossover or the GLS Class for an SUV with modern styling and technology.

4. Cadillac

Owned by GM, Cadillac is the luxury brand of the family. The company established its luxury car status back in the 50s and 60s. This commitment to excellence and high-quality has continued through the decades.

The CTS is a standout in the Cadillac lineup. Not only does it get 29 mpg on the highway, but it doesn’t sacrifice horsepower to do it. The V6 engine pumps out an impressive 335 horsepower.

5. Porsche

Porsche has two vehicles that are topping the charts, the Panamera and Cayenne. The company is smart for this because it covers the sports car and SUV segments.

This is accomplished by ensuring that all trim levels have impressive performance under the hood and luxurious interiors. You can have confidence that you have a thrilling yet sensible vehicle that will last for many years with routine Porsche service.

Consider These Luxury Car Brands

So which of these luxury car brands speak to you? Maybe a BMW would look perfect in your driveway. Or perhaps a Porsche Cayenne is the perfect car for driving your family around town.

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