Toyota e-Palette Concept Unveiled At The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

The Toyota e-palette concept was revealed this Monday at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. The concept is technically a self-driving cube-shaped electric car that will be offering ride-sharing services and delivering packages and pizza at various locations. According to Toyota, the electric car will be the core vehicle of its e-Palette Alliance recently created in collaboration with Amazon, Mazda, Pizza Hut, and Uber.

Toyota e-Palette Concept

Although the alliance is aiming at developing a productive blend of ride-sharing, transportation and delivery services, the giant automaker is visualizing a futuristic world where firms install their own software to operate the e-palette, while the hardware is provided by Toyota.

e-Palette Concept

The Toyota E-palette concept will enable companies to install self driving software according to their preference in order to operate the electric vehicle, while the Guardian self-driving tech by Toyota will ensure that the delivery packages are safe.

The highlight of the e-palette concept is the flexibility aspect where the idea can be built into purpose-built interiors that enable the e-palette to change tasks without any hassles.

Closer to the electric skateboard concept, this would allow the e-palette to deliver packages at one time and start picking up customers for Uber just as easy. As per the automaker, the electric car measuring 189 inches long, 79 inches wide, and 89 inches tall would come in three different sizes, some big enough to fit into hotel lobbies.

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