Toyota Prado – The Undisputed King of SUVs

Toyota Prado has long been a dominant force in the global automotive circuit. The powerful 4-wheeler is known as the king of all off-road SUVs and has maintained its position at the top despite the influx of competition in the global and local Australian circuit.

The 2021 Prado comes with an update under the hood, but even before that, the vehicle was an absolute favourite with local and international buyers. The bold external look, coupled with the excellent torque and uphill drive, make this an absolute favourite for off-road enthusiasts.

Toyota Prado

Toyota has jumped to its updated 2.8 litre engine for the Toyota Prado and has put it at par with the Fortuner and HiLux. The recent updates, in the form of a new fuel injection system and a new turbo charger, make the Prado even more powerful than it was before. The king has bossed the jungle for years if the new features in the latest 2021 are anything to go by, it is here to stay.


Kerb Weight 2325kg
Models 1968 – 2009

2009 – Present

Type Petrol/Diesel
Price A$70,610
Engine 2.8-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder
Warranty 5 years
Mileage Claimed/Test 7.2 kmpl/9.2 kmpl
Transmission 6-speed automatic
ANCAP Safety Rating 5-star

Our Toyota Prado Review

Toyota Prado is a big-seller in Australia and comes as a large SUV-type wagon with proven reliability, a seven-seat cabin, and excellent back up service. The vehicle is extremely comfortable for a big 4WD and comes with exceptional durability and power to accommodate your long trips.

Toyota has dropped its manual drive train for the Prado and has opted for the six-speed automatic gearbox on all versions. All versions also come equipped with the excellent autonomous emergency braking system.

For years, the Toyota Prado has enjoyed a rather excellent resume as the king of off-roaders. However, this current 2021 model comes across as more luxurious and premium than just adventurous. Don’t take us wrong, we still believe the car ranks well on the adventure meter, but it also backs it up with a more premium look to sit well with the modern city drivers.

Although the vehicle isn’t yet as opulent and premium as the Lexus LX, it still comes with a number of upscale features that justify the towering ex-factory price of the vehicle.

toyota prado interior and exterior

A peek under the hood tells us that the Toyota Prado is powered by an excellent 5.7 litre V-8 engine. This is spectacular, as the engine comes paired with an eight speed auto transmission. This amazing power under the hood helps generate over 401 lb-ft of torque and gives you some 381 hp of basic horse power. The vehicle comes with a standard four-wheel drive, which is complemented with amazing ride quality.

The steering feels light and takes away the discomfort you might experience because of the body roll. However, there are other rival SUVs within the same range that offer better handling on the go. The vehicle is also capable of towing some 8100 pounds of extra weight at the back, which puts at it par with the Ford Expedition.

Toyota Prado has really let it all out as far as the interior cabin is concerned. The execution is impressive and the cabin quality will blow you away. The attention to detail clearly checks all boxes and the premium feel of the interior leaves you awe struck. The cabin is home to some top of the line materials and ranks at par with other SUVs in the range.

Build quality generally has been excellent with the Toyota Prado and the 2021 model persists with the same standards. The front row is comfortable and the extra interior room helps provide decent leg space for the second and third row.


While the Toyota Prado still operates under the shadow of the 200 series LandCruiser it provides a decent bang for its buck. The vehicle is comfortable, spacious and offers some good premium details in the interior. While there are other SUVs with similar interior build quality within this range, none hold a chance against the off-road capabilities of the Toyota Prado.

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