Try These Tricks to Save on Automobile Maintenance and Repairs

Getting your car regularly serviced and repaired when things go wrong is essential, but it can also be expensive. Maintaining your vehicle is no small expense, and saving money can make a big difference to your budget at the end of the month.

Start with these tricks for saving on vehicle maintenance and repairs. They can help you reduce your essential expenses, putting money back in your wallet.

automobile maintenance
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Shop Around for Estimates

When your car’s broken down or needs urgent repairs, you’re desperate to get the issue fixed ASAP. Unfortunately, that can often lead to the trap of going to the first auto shop or mechanic who can squeeze you in.

If you’re serious about saving money, you need some patience. Get estimates from different shops for your particular problem. Getting quotes from mechanics is easy if you can explain what’s wrong with your car. Remember that estimates are just that, an estimate. If the problem turns out to be bigger than anticipated, you can face a steeper bill.

Don’t forget to check out Google reviews, too. The lowest quote isn’t always going to pan out to be the cheapest option. You also want a mechanic who is going to give you a more accurate assessment of the problem so that you know what to expect.

When you finally find a mechanic who you trust and who does work at a great rate, stick with them.

Buy Your Own Used Car Parts

Even the most carefully crafted budget can’t stand up to urgent car repairs. Whether you’ve gotten into an accident or a part has finally gone on its last ride, you may be able to save money on repairs by sourcing your own used car parts.

When you take your car to the dealership servicing or another mechanic, they may charge an extra markup for parts. Sourcing your own used car parts may be a way to mitigate the expense as long as you know exactly what you need to buy.

Used Car Tires

As with other used car parts, used tires can be an affordable, budget-friendly option for your vehicle. There are a couple of important qualities you should check before you buy and install used car tires:

  • Age and mileage. Well-worn tires may not have that much longer to go, but you can also often find newer tires that came from a vehicle in an accident.
  • Treadwear grade can also indicate the quality of the tire and how much longer they have to go.

Learn to Change Your Own Oil

Learning how to do basic car maintenance tasks yourself can save you tons. Changing your own oil is the perfect example, and it can even save you time. Changing your own oil only takes about 1 hour the first time and on average half an hour after that. It beats sitting in a waiting room while you pay someone else to do it.

Changing your own oil can save you anywhere from $25 to $75 on average. All you have to worry about is buying the oil and filters and making sure you have the best tools.

It is possible to save on car maintenance and repairs. Try these tricks and reduce your vehicle maintenance expenditure.

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