6 Types of Traffic Tickets You Should Know About

Did you unintentionally drive over the speed limit while driving? Irrespective of your driving intentions, the cops may pull you over and give you a traffic ticket. This may cost you time and money, so it’s important to know the different types of traffic tickets to effectively deal with them.

What are the Different Types of Traffic Tickets

This article will outline six different types of traffic tickets to keep in mind while driving. Take a look.

traffic tickets
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Speeding Ticket

You might have inadvertently stepped on the gas a little too hard or failed to notice the speed limit in a particular area. In such cases, you’ll get a speeding ticket.

Here are some tips to fight a speeding ticket:

  1. If you were driving below the speed limit, present your case to the officer with supporting evidence.
  2. If you were following the speed limit, ask the officer to show you the speed limit sign.
  3. If you were driving over the speed limit, apologize and explain your reasons for speeding. The officer may let you off with a warning.

DUI Ticket

If you’re caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you’ll be given a DUI ticket. This is a serious offense and may result in the suspension of your license. To avoid such consequences, it’s best to fight a DUI ticket by hiring an experienced lawyer.

Texting While Driving Ticket

With the advent of smartphones, many people assume it’s okay to text while driving. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to accidents. If you’re caught texting while driving, you’ll be issued a ticket. To contest this ticket, present evidence that shows otherwise. For instance, if you were stopped at a red light or parked when the officer approached you, you can show the traffic camera recording that shows you were not texting while driving.

Reckless Driving Ticket

Reckless driving covers a range of offenses, such as driving on the wrong side of the road, making sudden lane changes, tailgating, etc. This is a serious offense and may result in a license suspension. There may be cases when it wasn’t your fault, but you were accused of reckless driving. For example, if there was a traffic jam and you were forced to change lanes abruptly, you can show a recording from the car’s dashcam that proves there was a traffic jam.

Running a Red Light Ticket

This is one of the most common traffic offenses. If you’re caught running a red light, you become eligible for a ticket. To get the ticket dismissed, you can present your case with an explanation or evidence that proves you weren’t actually running a red light. For example, suppose the traffic light was malfunctioning, or there was a power outage. In that case, you can show the car’s dashcam recording to support your case.

Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign

If you fail to stop at a stop sign, the cops will likely pull you over and issue a ticket. You can present evidence that shows you weren’t actually running a stop sign. For example, if the stop sign was obscured by trees or bushes, show that area to the cops and explain to them the consequences of abruptly stopping at that point. The officers might understand your explanation and let you go with a warning.

Final Word

It’s important to be aware of the different types of traffic tickets and how to deal with them accordingly. This article has outlined six types of traffic tickets to keep in mind while driving. Be sure to drive safely and within limits to avoid getting pulled over and charged with a ticket!

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