Top 5 Tips For Uber Hire Car Melbourne Drivers

Unsure about how to get started with Uber hire car Melbourne service and get the show on the road? Here are some tips you can try out to get the highest ratings and feedback from your customers. And in case you’re already an old hand at being a driver, you can still test these tips out and discover why they’re uber effective.

uber hire car melbourne drivers
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Tips For Uber Drivers: Driving Service And Experience

Drive Where The Crowd Is

As opposed to the life quote that says we should go against the tide, the opposite is true when it comes to Uber hire car Melbourne service. Assuming you’re 21 years of age and above, with a driving experience of more than a year (this changes to 3 years for those who are 23 and younger), start by setting your car’s GPS system to where people usually tend to crowd around.

More people equals more potential customers for Uber rental cars Melbourne business. However, if your shift is within the non-rush hours, think outside the box and be creative with which spots you should hit next.

You Gotta Clock In Your Hours

The beauty of being an Uber driver is that your time is your own. That being said, it’s of utmost importance that you set a number of hours for you to hit each day. A personalized work schedule, if you will.

By doing so, you’ll have less of an excuse to slack around behind the wheels of your Uber car for rent Melbourne service when you know you should be hitting your numbers before the day ends.

That Luxurious Feel

Thirdly, give your passengers a sense that they’re riding in luxury. They choose Uber rentals because they’re assured of the level of customer service and riding experience they’ll receive since that’s a standard in the industry.

Aside from keeping your car neat from the inside out, some add-ons will work great for your ratings, too. Go the extra mile by providing ports for free mobile charging, hand sanitizer, free juice packets, etc.

Extra Tips To Provide A Truly Awesome Uber Experience


Even if Waze, Google Maps, and similar apps show you what their systems calculate as ideal routes, ask your customer about it. It’s better to have them clarify and choose what route they prefer even if you are familiar with the location as an Uber driver.

Courtesy And Politeness

For Uber hire car Melbourne drivers, courtesy goes a long way with customer satisfaction. But you already knew that. When it comes to creating conversations and being friendly in that regard, gauge your passengers. A few may appreciate the convo while others find it annoying.

A tip for drivers? Wait for them to initiate the conversation. For directions and route clarification, you can go ahead and be the first one to speak up. But if for only the sake of conversation, let your passengers do the talking, and then you can follow suit.

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