Turn It Up: 10 Ways To Upgrade Your Car Without Buying A New One

Owning a car can often feel like riding a bike. It’s so easy to get yourself into a rhythm that will then set the pace of your car ownership for life. How you first approach it is very unlikely to change. If you’re someone that buys a used car and keeps it until it has to be shipped off to the junk heap, you probably will always stick to this pattern. Buying a new car may be completely out of your comfort zone. At the same time, if you always go for new cars, you may find yourself automatically looking to upgrade your model every few years. While neither are wrong, both aren’t necessarily always the most cost-effective approach to car ownership. Both approaches come with their costs, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could find yourself a happy medium?

Upgrade Your Car Without Buying A New One

Well, you can. If you’re a little tired of getting caught up in the same old cycle of car ownership and you want to shake things up, you can. If you’re ready to change the way that you spend on your cars, you can do that too. The approach we’re going to look at here is to go through the process or upgrading your car regularly, without actually buying a new one. And to do this, we’re going to look at how you can turn up the value in your car and really make it your own with upgrades. But best of all, it’s going to be incredibly cost-effective too. So let’s get into it.

Get A Spray Job

When it comes to upgrading your car, a lot of the time you actually just want it to feel a little more like your own. Sometimes, your car is a little too much like everything else on the road and you want to tailor it to your own tastes. Luckily, when it comes to changing the color, this is something that can help to upgrade your car as well as personalize it. While you will need to make sure that this is something you really want to do, spraying your car a new color will always give it a new lease of life.

Upgrade The Body Kit

As a step on from that, you may also want to think about upgrading the body kit. Choosing a new body for your car can be a lot of fun. If you want to transform the way it looks and go for something a little more luxurious and sophisticated looking, choosing the body kit of an upgraded version of your car is a great way to do it – such as the M Sport BMW body kit for your non-M Sport BMW.

Opt For Performance Tires

Another external upgrade to consider is the tires. Technically, this is a performance upgrade as well an aesthetic one (much like the body kit). Because upgrading your car isn’t just about the look. Sticky tires can dramatically impact the performance of your car. So shop around for a set in your budget and experience what the change can do for your new but old car.

spruce Up The Wheels

Spruce Up The Wheels

At the same time, you might want to work with new wheels too. Wheels can come in all sizes, colors, and styles too. So definitely spend some time looking for the right set. And remember, cheaper options tend to be a bit heavier, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Add In Some Turbo

Now, we need to talk turbo. And picking your choice of turbo isn’t going to be a simple job. We all know that adding in some turbo is going to improve your car’s performance, so you need to know exactly what kind of performance you want. Then, you can pick the right kit.

Upgrade The Suspension

The next kind of performance upgrade that you might want to think about is suspension. Right now, your car may not be an elite or world-class car, but that doesn’t meant it can’t feel like one when you’re driving. This is the idea of giving your car these progressive upgrades – to turn it into a car that you love, without having to pay the expensive ‘brand new’ price tag. Whether you opt for air suspension or not, you will find that a suspension upgrade transforms the drive for the better.

Get Excited About The Exhaust

Never thought you’d get all excited about an exhaust? Well, when you think about going with performance exhaust, it is something to get excited about. Not only will this look great, but the sound can be really sexy too! So this is a performance upgrade that can really heat up your ride.

Turn Up The Volume

Turn Up The Volume

Now we’re going to take things inside, because it’s where you spend most of your time! First, we have to talk tunes. Because there’s nothing quite like riding along to the latest tracks that you love. So take a look for some good choices for affordable car amps that will help you to turn up the volume. Improving your sound system is always a great way to upgrade your driving experience.

Change The Seats

And it’s always good to feel comfortable when you’re driving too. So if you’re not too taken with the seats that you’ve got, upgrade them. Getting new seats can really transform the way your car looks, and how it feels to drive. Sometimes, changing the fabric will do, but there’s nothing quite like whole need seats to get the feel of buying a brand new car.

Style Out The Interiors

Finally, you’re going to want to finish off by bringing the rest of the interiors up to scratch. When you take a look around, you’ve got the mats, the steering wheel, and even the fabric trims in the doors to think about too. To match your new entertainment system and seats, dressing up these areas will really take your car to the next level. And when you’ve finished, you may not have bought a new car, and you may still have something old, but it’s definitely an upgrade.

John Taylor is quite fond of his new car and he likes to write about technology and its latest offerings.