Volkswagen Plans to Introduce Electric Versions of Its 300 Models

Volkswagen has become the recent automaker to announce electric or hybrid versions of its each 300 models. The German automaker will achieve its plans by the year 2030.

Previously, Volvo and Mercedes Benz also announced the same provision by year 2019 and 2022 respectively. But the range of cars that VW offers is more versatile and affordable than either of these, which makes its allegiance more significant.

Volkswagen Plans to Introduce Electric Versions of Its 300 Models

Volkswagen plans to introduce more than 10 electric car models by the next year out of the total 35 models from different automakers, which leaves it with a greater market share. The number is expected to increase to 80 models by 2025 including its sub brands like Audi, Bugatti and Bentley. The automaker has announced that they would be spending more than $55 billion in the purchase of batteries for their electrified cars.

The news was led by China’s announcement of banning fossil fuel burning cars, joining the bandwagon of UK and France who plan to do the same by the year 2040. Shell has also made its contribution saying it would install its very first electric car charging station in the UK by next month.

Matthias Mueller, Volkswagen chief said, “Customers want clean vehicles, people want to have clean air, and we want to make our contribution here”.

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