Volkswagen XL1 the most energy efficient car

The matter of fuel consumption was normal activity but nobody can think that a car can consume only 0.91-liter/100km, there are many electric and hybrid cars in the auto markets but Volkswagen presented its XL1 with this feature and unique design that can compel to discuss it. This prototype car will be unveiled in the world debut at the Qatar Motor Show; this car represents the third evolutionary stage of Volkswagen’s 1-liter car technology. Volkswagen’s board of Supervisors decided to present this 1-liter car in the market with full production and features that is their goal of success.

This car has ability to attain a CO2 emissions value of 24- g/km with lightweight construction, low aerodynamic drag, plug-in hybrid system that consisting of a two cylinder TDI engine, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and strong lithium-ion battery system.

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