Volvo Starts to Test Self-Driving Cars in Gothenburg

The revolutionary ‘Drive Me’ project of Volvo Car Group is moving forward at an encouraging pace as the initial self-driving Volvo vehicles have been tested on the roads of Gothenburg, a Swedish city, with this stunning technology yielding satisfactory results.

When Volvo and a few other companies expressed their desire for the first time regarding driverless cars, many automobile experts raised concerns about possible hurdles in achieving this objective.
Erik Coelingh, the technical specialist at Volvo Car Group revealed that the companies self-driving cars are now able to handle speed adaptation, lane following and other traffic complications. Coelingh is satisfied with Volvo’s direction regarding the Autopilot technology and hopes, the cars will go through a complete test on their own in the next phase.

Self-Driving Cars

While some other technology giants like Google are also trying to develop driverless cars, the extra-ordinary thing about Drive Me project is that all the major stakeholders such as transport authorities, legislatures, city government, customers and world-known automobile manufacturer are on board. The 100 cars made by Volvo will be able to drive themselves at about 50 km/h on selected roads of Gothenburg.

Coelingh is optimistic about the success of this project and feels, if everything goes ahead as planned, Gothenburg will become a trendsetter for many other cities around the globe.

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