Here’s What You Need to Bring on Your Next 4×4 Road Trip

Planning your next road trip through the Australian outback? Why wouldn’t you? Its breathless scenery is a must for any backpacker and tourist. However, it takes a well-prepared trip to make the most out of your road trip and treasure genuine experiences.

This article covers some bare essentials that will keep you covered throughout the trip. Convenience stores and supermarkets may not be available from where you’re going, so ensure you get the items listed below to keep you and your family safe.

next 4x4 road trip
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But Before Anything Else

Wherever you are in the world, it’s always a must to do a quick check on your 4×4 before going out. In Australia, doing a quick check is especially helpful as the off-road terrains in the country are some of the most punishing.

Ensuring your fluids are checked, and engines optimized for the trip can save you from expensive repairs and make the trip safer. If you’re from Adelaide and planning to go off-road with your 4×4, head to your local car shop for 4×4 repairs and the best 4×4 accessories adelaide has to offer.

With that covered, here’s what you must bring and prepare for your next road trip.

4X4 Recovery Gear

Recovery gear is essential when off-roading in Australia or anywhere. You might experience getting stuck in mud or rough terrain, and it takes proper recovery gear to keep you safe and comfortable until you get back to the road again.

The essential gears you can have at the start are:

  • Shovels
  • Winch
  • Flashlight
  • Tow Strap
  • Recovery Hooks

Food Essentials

As you drive deeper into your trip, stores are becoming unavailable, and you have to rely on what you have in hydration and food. We recommended stocking up on non-perishable food items like lightweight cans, chips, and packed goods, along with an enormous water supply for drinking and quenching your 4X4’s radiator in case of overheating.

First Aid Medical Kit

No matter how careful your road trip is, there’s always a high chance of an injury from accidents or insect bites that could bring home a nasty disease after your trip. Aside from a ready-made first aid kit, it would be best always to have handy antiseptic ointments, bandages, snake bite and allergy kits, and paracetamol or ice packs.

There’s no limit to preparing your medical supplies for the trip, and you can always buy more to cover potential injuries you might face.

Rescue Kit

One wrong move and your trip could go down very fast. If you are deemed trapped in any situation and need rescuing, you can always invest in flare guns, an attachable fire extinguisher in your 4X4, and a handy knife for protection and nature camping.

Aside from the rescue kit, purchasing a PLB, or a Personal Locating Beacon, is also beneficial for your trip. A Personal Locating Beacon is a rescue device that sends a strong SOS signal to your rescue agencies to easily track your location should a life-threatening situation arise. PLB devices have a strong battery life and work even in the most remote areas.

Camping Gear

Speaking of camping, always prepare camping tools if you need to spend a night in forests or quiet outbacks when needed. Always prepare an accessible tent, firestarters or matches, a good machete or knife, and travel-sized pots to cook your meals in.

Navigation And Communication Equipment

While most outback roads have artificial roads and guides or maps to avoid dangerous areas, road trips are still unpredictable unless you have a sound navigation system.

Aside from your maps, bring a compass to easily find your bearings and a GPS device to navigate roads even with low to no phone coverage.

While most 4X4 vehicles have a built-in GPS, other navigation devices can be a spare if your vehicle’s GPS malfunctions.

Best 4X4 Accessories For Your 4X4

Now that your road trip essentials are met let’s go a step further and bring the best add-ons for your 4×4. While 4×4 vehicles are built for harsh terrain and road-tripping, you can always get accessories to improve their capabilities further and make them more protected.

  • Snorkel: Most people assume you only need a 4×4 snorkel in rough river crossings to protect your engine. In actuality, 4×4 snorkels are best used on dry or wet terrain. The snorkel provides a better and cleaner engine airflow which is helpful for dusty and hot roads.
  • Bull Bar: If you’re heading off the beaten part of the trip, a bull bar is cheap insurance to protect your bumper against terrain and animal strikes. Bull bars also serve as a mount for other accessories like winches and lights. If your road trip consists of harsh terrain climbs for longer times, a bull bar should be a part of your essentials list.

Underbody Protection/ Bash Plates

Bash plates or an underbody protection kit is another essential part of protecting your vehicle against rough terrain. Like a bull bar, it is a cheaper safeguard to your engines, transmission, and pipes and avoids hefty replacements or maintenance after your trip.

Final Thoughts:

Off-road trips are always a treat for friends and family. Still, considering the harsh climate and risky areas, it needs a specialized 4×4 kit and survival essentials to cover dangerous situations. While our list covers the essentials to prepare for survival, you can never be wrong to buy more for safety and convenience.

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