When It Comes to Stupid Motorists, Be Smart

No matter where you live in the world, the roads you use daily will be full of stupid motorists, daily. No matter what roads you drive on you will always come across or pass drivers who have no regard for safety, speed, their health or the health of their fellow road users. Most of the time, thankfully, you will pass these stupid motorists and not have any altercation with them. Sometimes, however, you will find yourself up close and personal with them due to negligent driving on their part. But, there are ways to deal with this negligence and this stupid behaviour in general… in smart ways. Read on to see how.

When It Comes to Stupid Motorists
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Expect stupidity

As callous and quite frankly disappointing as this may sound, we now live in a world where it is best to expect that stupidity will occur on the roads. This is because, when you do just that, you give yourself a better chance of dealing with it when it does happen.

What this means first of all is that you should take facts and figures into account, such as distracted driving statistics, and let them have an impact on your own driving. Yes, if you take the fact that somebody is likely to be driving whilst, say, on their phone into serious consideration, and as a result slow your car down to speed limits at all times you will give yourself the best chance possible of avoiding contact with a driver that is not paying attention.

What this means second of all is that you should ensure that you and your motor vehicle are insured at all times. This means taking out life insurance for yourself, whether this be full cover or just term cover, and this means renting your car annually and taking out insurance for it that covers for incidents involving third parties.

Stay calm upon an accident

With the way the world of driving is going, you are likely to have somebody crash into you or cause you to crash at some point in your life as a driver. The first thing that you should do when this happens is stay as calm as you can. Yes, nothing will be settled or made better when you become irate or, even worse, threatening. In fact, things could be made a whole lot worse. Threatening behaviour towards the other party, even when it is there fault, will land you in your own set of trouble and could even see you punished just as much as them.

Deal with the aftermath of an accident accordingly

The final smart thing that you can do when you have been impacted by stupid driving on another’s part is make sure you deal with the aftermath accordingly. Basically, this means not letting the issue die until you are compensated and given what is owed to you: justice. Depending on the severity of the case, this could mean anything from having the expenses needed to fix your car covered to seeing the other party sentenced for their driving.

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