Where is Your Car Most Likely to Be Stolen in the UK?

Car theft has been a huge problem for decades and continues to plague the UK’s population. Here’s a handy list of postcodes in which your car is most likely to be car stolen UK (according to a report by Money Supermarket). Each entry comes with a useful tip for keeping your car safe.

How to Find a Stolen Car UK

stolen car uk

10 – Romford, London (RM7)

Yes, this buzzing area of northeast London is a popular spot for those thieves. Just east of Chadwell Heath is where vehicles seem to get targeted the most.

  • Tip: When parking, always use your handbrake. That’ll make it more difficult for your car to be towed.

9 – New Tredegar, Newport (NP24)

The ex-coal mining community in New Tredegar is 9th on the list of top car theft targets. The area may be rich in history but it’s also abundant in car crime.

  • Tip: When you park your car, turn the tyres slightly towards the curb so that it’s more difficult for your vehicle to be towed.

8 – Arbourthorne, Sheffield (S2)

Rolling hills and plenty of greenery can be found in Arbourthorne. But be careful to lock your vehicle while you visit; this spot is number 8 on the list.

  • Tip: Never leave anything valuable on display in your parked car. It’s too tempting to those quick-fingered crooks.

7 – Bradford City Centre (B1)

If you’re heading into Bradford for a night out or a spot of shopping, take great care with your vehicle. A massive 3.16% of the local population have suffered some form of car theft in the area.

  • Tip: Never leave your windows open when your car is empty.

6 – Banwell, Somerset (BS29)

History fans flock here to explore Banwell Camp, an old hill fort at which many archaeological finds have been made. But while it’s a beautiful spot, your car’s at risk of catching a thief’s eye.

  • Tip: It’s never a good idea to leave your car running, even if you’re just dashing out and back in again. A small window of opportunity is all a car thief needs.

5 – Manchester City Centre (M3)

Another city centre entry, Manchester is number 5 on the risk list. Thousands of people flock to the centre every day to indulge in a bit of retail therapy and the opportunists are always there waiting.

  • Tip: Never park in a quiet area if there’s an attended car park on offer. It might cost a little extra, but the protection is worth it.

4 – Hatfield, Doncaster (DN7)

A staggering 3.38% of local residents have had their cars broken into and/or stolen. That’s all the information we need to lock up our vehicles tight if we’re ever visiting!

  • Tip: If you’re parking at night, choose a well-lit area. Car thieves are far less likely to target your car if it’s directly under a street lamp.

3 – Redbridge, Ilford (IG4)

Sitting just at the bottom of the M11, Redbridge is a popular parking spot for commuters who want to avoid congestion charges. This is probably why opportunists circle the area.

  • Tip: Never hide an emergency set of keys in your car. It’s just making a car thief’s job that much easier!

2 – Wingate, Cleveland (TS28)

To the east of County Durham, Wingate is a former pit village boasting miles of agricultural land and a rich mining heritage. But lock up tight here – 3.72% of local residents have been targeted by car thieves.

  • Tip: Never be tempted to leave your car unlocked, even if you’re just running back into the house for something you’ve forgotten.

1 – Chislehurst, Bromley (BR7)

The dubious honour of the number 1 spot goes to this suburban area of south east London. 3.82% of the local population has suffered some form of car crime.

  • Tip: If you’re buying a new or used car, do some research online about the makes and models that get targeted by thieves the most.

So there you have it:  you’re armed with a list of postcodes in which you should be extra careful about car safety. Of course, it’s wise to be cautious wherever you go as thieves are everywhere, and they can be very cunning.

Alex Johnson is a freelance writer based in Oxford, writing on behalf of MORE TH>N. These are her own thoughts and do not represent the views of MORE TH>N.