7 Winter Auto Care Maintenance Tips

When it comes to winter, car enthusiasts often have to switch up their strategies. To enjoy our driving or riding habit correctly, we need to add some extra caution to our driving schedules. No matter whether you drive a car or motorcycle as your daily vehicle, you can apply the same wisdom found in the following tips to help you get roadworthy and more importantly, stay safe at all opportunities.

Winter Auto Care Maintenance Tips
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Leaving The Ignition On

When it comes to starting your engine in the morning, it’s important to warm your engine before you turn it on fully. Leaving the key in for five to fifteen seconds will allow the electrical system and the fuel pumps to resolve or notify you of any issues before the vehicle starts up.


You need to keep in mind that the engine oil should always be at the correct temperature to completely protect your engine. Revs should be accommodated to heat the engine as you progress. As your engine and oil warm, you can drive happily, knowing that the temperature mismatch won’t be causing any issues.

protect your engine
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Over the wear and tear of driving, sometimes the parts your vehicle has can become damaged or not as functional as they once were. This can be anything from a sportbike windscreen to exhausts, to steering dampers. Checking out part replacement stores such as Solomoto can give you a pre-emptive strategy to preventing your worn parts from failing on you in adverse driving conditions. Future proofing your vehicle like this is always wise when you’re about to bear the brunt of winter.

Check Antifreeze

While you may not have thought about your antifreeze levels for months now, it’s worthwhile checking it at this moment. Antifreeze is of course there to stop your cooling system from freezing. Just like in social discourse, being too cool is not always best. Purchasing an antifreeze tester for less than ten dollars can help you ascertain the levels of coolant you have running, and this can allow you to gauge the levels. If you need a top up, ideally fill the container with the same brand antifreeze as you did before. This will give you a solid backing to ensure your engine stays at the right temperature all winter.


Of course, the correct tyres you own are the one-stop shop to gripping the road well. No matter what model of car you drive, this is important. Consider changing up your existed tyres for a purpose-built set designed for winter. When you’re driving over ice, you’ll appreciate the difference.

Even if this is a little outside of your budget, checking your overall tyre health and checking the tread depth (of at least 1.6mm) will help you know that problems are less likely to occur. Carrying a spare at all times (preferably two if you can spare the space,) can help you in the winter. If you’re in the environment where tyre chains can work, make sure to use those, but be sure to understand that some roads are not legally available to drive with these.

With these winter tips, your winter automotive health is sure to be supported.

Wilko is a full-time motoring journalist with an obsessive interest in all things automotive.