World Premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

SEAT 20V20 Showcar – Vision of the Brand’s Future

  • Functionality and emotion
  • Perspective on an extremely dynamic, four-door SUV coupé
  • Systematic evolution of the SEAT design language
  • Further development of the SEAT product DNA
  • Extreme precision in all details, innovative use of premium materials
  • Innovative drive technologies, assistance systems, connectivity

Martorell / Geneva, 02/03/2015 At the Geneva Motor Show, SEAT is presenting a clear perspective on the future of the brand. The SEAT 20V20 showcar is the vision of an extremely sporty and powerful SUV. This athletic and muscular vehicle marks a systematic development of the Spanish brand’s highly praised design language. The 20V20 redefines the meaning of sports-utility in this vehicle class, because driving fun simply cannot look any better and utility simply cannot be any sportier.

Seat 20V20 crossover conceptThe SEAT 20V20 (meaning “vision veinte veinte”, Spanish for 20:20) combines the dynamic silhouette of a four-door sports coupé with the refinement of an SUV and the versatility and utility of a mid-size estate car. SEAT’s new showcar displays the powerful tension of an athlete under starter’s orders, with the clear precision of a fine instrument and with the sensuality of a perfect body gleaming in the sun. It was designed with the passion of the Spanish brand. It is painted in ultra orange, a colour of an intensity that can only be created in the clear light of Barcelona’s morning sun.

“The Vision 20V20 is a new calling card for the SEAT brand,” says Jürgen Stackmann, Chairman and CEO of SEAT S.A. “With the 20V20, we are demonstrating how we will develop the unique and highly successful SEAT design language for forthcoming models. Design is already one of the most important reasons for buying a SEAT and we intend to build on this strength, along with technology. Many details of the 20V20 will be evident in future production models. Also important is the fact that we are now applying the winning Leon formula to the entire range and for sure it will be the winning SEAT formula for the future”.

The SEAT 20V20 is sure to look powerful and refined in any given situation. With its 20-inch wheels and the determined expression conveyed by its adaptive full-LED headlamps, this sports utility has a robust stance that is in no way aggressive. At a length of 4,659 metres, the “veinte-veinte” also fits perfectly into the European landscape. Despite its low and dynamic lines, the 20V20 offers a generous amount of space and premium ambience for five. Natural leather, crafted with exquisite three-dimensionality using an innovative process, aluminium and dark glass are the dominant materials. What matters more, however, is the precision and quality of the craftsmanship with which the showcar demonstrates one of the cores of the SEAT brand.

The SEAT 20V20 “veinte-veinte shows clearly SEAT’s ambition for the future. Our future design language on the one hand, and on the other, the positioning of our brand for young spirited customers on a five year horizon,” says Jürgen Stackmann, Chairman and CEO of SEAT S.A.“This is how we see the brand in the future, bold, characterful, technology driven, connected and attractive for customers to have SEAT on their shopping list. SEAT is to have a change from gravity towards higher segments and higher profitability.”

With its highly versatile interior and more than 600 litres of luggage space, the fourdoor SUV coupé concept marks a systematic development of the SEAT brand’s technology platform. A unique SEAT Personal Drive Device serves as the ignition key and operating interface inside the car and as a pedestrian navigation system when outside the car – guiding you directly back to the 20V20, should you ever happen to forget where it is parked. Intelligent lightweight design is a given at SEAT. In combination with body development, this enhances the exceptional efficiency of the 20V20, while a comprehensive package of driver assistance systems raises the levels of comfort and safety even further. In the cockpit, the freely programmable virtual displays can be
extensively individualised, ensuring highly intuitive and ergonomic operation of the vehicle. The SEAT Connect technologies on-board make the 20V20 an integral part of the networked world. Perfect integration and simple operation, largely via voice control, are givens. The array of drive options is multi faceted and accommodates powerful TSI drives of up to around 220 kW / 300 PS as well as TDI engines that are as powerful as they are efficient, with up to 176 kW / 240 PS – both, of course, also as plug-in hybrids with the option for electric-only driving. The power is delivered to the wheels via the DSG transmission and electronically controlled all-wheel drive.

“We are showing with the 20V20 showcar what a good fit such a sporty SUV is for our brand. The SEAT design language is unmistakeable and will be even more enticing and expressive in future. We’re also working hard on the ongoing development of the innovative package of technologies featured in the 20V20. We are well prepared for any challenge the future has to offer,” says Dr. Matthias Rabe, SEAT Executive Vice President for Research and Development. “The 20V20 is extremely dynamic, yet possesses a compelling degree of utility. And it provides the platform for all kinds of drives, from high performance TDI to plug-in hybrid, and for the very latest assistance systems. Our SEAT Connect technologies make every SEAT a fully integrated part of the networked world”.

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