X-Trem Concept – A New Type Of Pick-Up

In 1999, the founder and owner of Rinspeed Inc, Frank M. Rinderknech came up with a unique concept called X-Trem which made the transportation of big objects such as small boats, motorcycles and jet skis very easy. Frank understood that the conventional pick-up trucks which are very popular in the U.S use hauling trailers to carry the load and the pick-up bed stay empty. So, to overcome the height issue of the bed, he came up with a universal lifting device concept, which will solve this issue.

X-Trem Concept

The Rinspeed X-Trem concept car features a loading device combined with a hydraulic swivel lifting crane that can carry all sorts of load easily overcoming the hindrance of height and weight. This makes the X-Trem an MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle that can be used both as a leisure or commercial vehicle.


Talking about the interior, it is equipped with a touch LCD display, navigation system, radio system and gsm satellite connection that will give access to emails. The powertrain consists of a 5.5-liter-aluminum-block V8 unit, which is taken from Mercedes-Benz. The engine paired with automatic transmission system generates 347 bhp.

The body of X-Trem weighs only 1,600 kilograms giving it a powerful performance and a very smooth handling.

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